Homemade Families Week 4

UPDATE:  I'm still very sick and ask for your prayers.  Do me a favor and let people know about the comment question DARE!  The more comments the more add-ons for the Jenni Bowlin Foundation. (1-28-10)

I want to apologize, but I do not have my Homemade Families layout complete for today. I have been sick for about 5 days now and I've pushed myself to it being a bit overwhelming.

I don’t want us to miss a week so this week you pick the recipe and photos to do a two-page layout. Make sure you come back here and post your link along with what question you asked yourself. I’ll do the same before the next question.

Reminder I will be pulling from all four posts that have links to their projects for the drawing next Tuesday for the month of January.

February will be heritage month so you might want to pull together those old photos and recipes.

How about a DARE and a RAK for everyone?

I have a Jenni Bowlin Foundation with Maya Road add-on’s up for a RAK. You can see them at Debby’s Dream Studio.

Tell me what is your favorite part of Scrapbooking? What makes you enjoy it and feel satisfied in doing your scrapbooking. The more comments the more add-ons I'll add to the Foundation RAK!

Next week I’m going to reveal my new Scraproom/Studio. I’m trying to dig up old photos because I forgot to take before photos. I was just so ready for something to change I starting changing it!

I plan on blogging about organizing your scrap space. Where to start. How to start. How not to give up and give in to the gremlin piles everywhere. How to make your space inspirational for you. Where to put … you fill in the blanks.

Homemade Families enjoy a Free Week of scrapping your favorite recipe and family memory.

Gratitude List
1. understanding husband
2. friends that pray
3. grace everyday
4. moments that make you smile
5. the history and stories God’s gives us to let us know “been there--done that!”


  1. Good morning debby!!!!

    The part where I get to use all the papers,embellishments,and the punches!! totally enjoy doing all that!!
    Have a nice day!
    Love Viji

  2. I loooooove paper...I could swim in it.......and punches. There 's nothing like opening a new package of paper....I could drown in the smell.
    I hope you feel better....

  3. Tina S10:27 AM

    I have two favorite parts of scrapping. First, I love taking a bunch of nothing (old cereal boxes, random papers, bits of junk) and combining them with photos to make something that is totally my own creation. My second favorite is just telling the stories and preserving the memories for the generations to come. Please know that you need to care for yourself and we totally understand. We have limitations, too!

  4. My favourite part of scrapbooking is working with the papers. seeing the oncee simple pictures come alive because of what you did with the layout really makes scrapbooking (all the time, energy and money) totally worth it! :)

  5. My favorite part about scrapbooking is that I am making great keepsakes for my kids and my family members! I enjoy learning new techniques to apply to my pages and altered objects! I hope that you feel better!

  6. The finished page-when I can just put it somewhere and look at it to my hearts content. Roseann #2933

  7. My favourite part of scrapbooking is finishing a layout and absolutely LOVING it! Loving the photos, the story I've journaled, the products I've chosen and the design of the page. Loving every bit of it and hanging it on my wall and looking at it everytime I go by.

  8. There are two things I love about scrapbooking. The first is the craft/creative aspect of turning paper & embellishments into something beautiful. The second is reliving memories and creating a special way to keep them.

  9. I love scarpbooking because it gives me a outlet for creativity, I especially love creating with paper and pictures, not to mention all the cool supplies, establishments, techniques and tools I get to use.

  10. My favorite part is capturing those memories...and of course playing with all the scrappy goodness ;)

  11. Shopping.

    Ok seriously. I love to scrapbook because I love to look at my photos and relive the memories.

  12. I LOVE scrapbooking because it relaxes me and makes me feel so good. I feel that I am leaving memories that my children can cherish. I dont remember much memories from my childhood and there are photos but now real journaling of stories.

  13. Debby, sorry you're not feeling well. Get well soon!
    I like documenting and saving the memories for the future. I also like being surrounded with beautiful paper and embellishments--that makes me feel happy in the here and now.

  14. My favorite thing is that my children will one day have amazing memories on paper to later pass down! I love that I can give them a special way to remember their journies! They may not be the best out there or worth tons of money....but our memories are PRICELESS :)

  15. I love that I'm documenting my family and our life - but.... I have to be honest and I say i love the creating. I think about it. I also adore the JB sytle. Love iT. Thanks Debby!!

  16. The best part of scrapbooking for me is that I have a creative outlet that allows me to not only express my art, but also leave cherished memories behind for my family.

  17. I love finding more creativity in me than I knew. I especially love the friendships that have occured that would not have had it not been for scrapping. I totally enjoy being surrounded by creative scrappers. I love the finished layout, but I really love the company. ms.cheryl

  18. My favorite part of scrapping is getting my hands "dirty" and making something beautiful. Something that even makes my DH take notice and think that I have "talent". It's amazing...he makes incredible music and I make lovely messes...that everyone here loves because I am putting a piece of myself in every project.

    Hope you feel better soon Deb!!!

  19. That's a tough one Debbie! I love everything about it: the crafting, the results, the comradeship, the shopping (oh yeah, the shopping). I think what I like the most is passing on the fun and techniques in my classes and to my friends. I teach for one of our LSS's and also a semi-monthly, non-profit, technique class. I love watching the creativity evolve.

    Thanks for the chance to play along. Sandy #1781

  20. My favorite part about scrapbooking is anything goes! You can do whatever to your pages and it doesn't matter because its your work! Its handmade, so it doesn't matter if it has flaws. I enjoy being creative and its kind of any escape for me!

  21. debby! I got my glimmer mist too by the way! thank you!!!

  22. Jo Ann R3:43 PM

    OK... I am going to eat my humble pill and ask what RAK stands for... I keep seeing it in your posts and I think I know what it is, but cannot figure out what the letters stand for. There, now, it's done and the bitter pill is finished!

  23. Jo AnnR3:48 PM

    Oops! I got so engrossed in my humble pill post that I forgot to say that what I like most about scrapbooking is being able to be creative with the help of all the wonderful tools we have, especially paper and BRADS. I am not artistic, so being able to create without having to draw is lots of fun for me. And being able to create something that will live beyond me, for my grandchildren, is an added bonus.

  24. Hi, Debby
    Just wanted to let you know that I posted my Week 4 layout on Dare2Dream.ning. Sorry for the poor photo quality--gray day here and my lamps and ceiling fixture kept causing a glare. My question was What is something that you have never made but love and want to make? Or something like that, LOL!


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