Part the Way

I have been uber busy with trying to make my studio more inspirational. Everything was a mixed up color and scheme and was hard to find the creativity in the midst of it all. So I’m going white and metals. I hope when I’m finished that the room will be lighter and brighter. Sort of a blank slate as I work.

Michaels has been carrying the white organization storage for 40 to 50% off and I’ve been collecting some pieces. I’m hoping for a few more 50%-ers!

I’ve moved the CD from top of my computer desk to creative storage in my living room. No will know they are there unless they open it up! LOL

I’m hosting a Scrapbook Yard Sale (tentative date is 1st Saturday in February…stay tuned…tables will be available to rent). That means I’m cleaning out products that I can’t believe I have so much. You see the ribbon hanging up. Well I have 1 cropper hopper full, two jars and a huge basket of ribbon. The basket full is going to be sold.

I love the apothecary jars from Michaels. They are clear and clean, but are unusual at the same time.

All my punches were organized in shoe holders on the wall in front of my window. I’m dying for real sunshine and not just “real” Ott light. I’ve put my punches in the white storage drawers and I’m making new window treatments.

I had so much unorganized “stuff” on my desk that these two pieces eliminated about 6 pieces that was in my way. I love having more room to scrap.

The four drawer cabinets’ houses some of my Ranger Products.

Just wait until I’m finished and cleaned up. At times when people come over I’m almost ashamed at how blest I am to have so much for my scrapbooks and art.

I can’t wait until the whole studio is finished and I can give you a video tour.

Well, off to Ikea today to get some more ideas.

Gratitude List
1. Eph. 10 and 11
2. blessing untold
3. help which comes from people who don’t even know
4. God strength for me and my family
5. God’s gift to me of my grandchildren


  1. Your space looks so nice, Debby. I bet you will love all of the extra room! I've been working on some reorganization and clean out, too. So nice to have things stored in a pretty way. Have a fun Saturday!

  2. Hi Deb! So far, so good! OK, don't laugh, but my Scrapbookers OCD is telling me that you have 2 empty & unused spots on your MM Carousel!...On that note, (and if they perhaps fit just right) you could hang both your brayer & small silver scissors from those 2 hooks! Also...all the other scissors could go into your carousel! HTH! Looking Good! Good Luck! :)

  3. oh i think it looks amazing. i bet it feels good to get organized.

  4. wow! talk about being organized!!!! ur work space looks awesome :)

  5. Working on mine this week. We are "back to homeschool" this week so it would be nice for the kids o be able to get to their desks!


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