We are Still Hoppin' and Croppin' Winner #2

Winner for Dare #2 is

marla said...

Send an email to DebbysDare@gmail.com.  As soon as CHA ends Prism will be sending out their prizes. 

Dare Ya! Number 3
We all need Adhesive. How about some fast drying paper glue that’s acid and lignin free and dries clear. Works for me. Beacon is giving away their Zip Dry paper glue. Robin’s Nest is adding a Dino Packet! Cool combo.

Infomercial! LOL

Here’s your dare:
Go share the news of what we are doing here and leave a comment where you put the link for Debby’s Dare. Facebook, Twitter, messageboards, emails, your blog…you get creative.

I’ll be back at 8:45 to draw a winner and put up the last Dare for the day!

More Photos of CHA's Past





  1. I posted over on my facebook. I love your dares and have actually gotten 8 sets of cards completed. Thanks for the link ~:~ caol ~:~

  2. I posted on facebook. This is my first on-line crop and slower than slow but that is OK - I am having fun today.


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