With Gritted Teeth ... DETERMINED!

I was taught that anything you do on the first day of the New Year you will do all year long. It’s been my goal NOT to clean house in hopes of a housekeeper. It’s never worked. Ah, a woman can dream.

If I blog on the first day of the year will my blogging world will go great all year long? LOL

There is a whole new year ahead of us. I’m very excited.

As promised here is my “one little word” of 2010. I made journal to house my “word” and goals associated with my word. I have so many more goals but these were my top.

By way of explanation: I really didn’t go all out, but what I did is play with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I wanted to play with possible techniques for my class I will be teaching this year. There are several pages that I absolutely love.

Leave a comment for your favorite pages and help me decide which techniques you would like to learn or that you like.

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Gratitude List
1. fun with friends on the net
2. a new year
3. Bob, my listener and calmer in life
4. Ruth who encourages the life right into me
5. God who guides both of them in my life


  1. Page 28 is my fav, and I'm not sure how you got that look...just saying. Fantastic journal. Esp loving the transparencies!!!

  2. This just is so inspirational!! I just admire it! Just fantastic!

  3. Happy New Year Debbie! Thanks for the fun last night. I love the final page so much! I adore the images you have used. Could you please share where you obtained them?

  4. I love it Debby, especially the use of transparencies. Awesome ~ and your journaling is inspiring.

  5. Great book. I love the dare to spend more time making memories - that stamp is lovely.

  6. love this - it's beautiful!!


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