8.5 inches of Snow...

in the midlands of South Carolina! We have had a blast last night and this morning. Now I'm exhausted!

One funny: Bailey, my dachshund, was so funny this morning. The snow was taller than he was. When he bound down the stairs he plowed himself to the tire tracks of Vanessa's car. He would run up and down the tire tracks like a train on a train set! He finally ventured into the "deep end" and you acted just like a snowplow. It was hilarious. 

I just wanted to post some photos I can't wait to scrap. I have to pull out my winter paper as I was ready for spring!!

Gratitude List
1. Safety for my family on road
2. the fun we all had with this gift
3. Vanessa's first day on the job
4. when people think of me in such a nice way
5. God's surprises around every corner of my path.


  1. Looks like your having so much fun...I love snowfall but I'm wanting spring already....

  2. it's good for a day and that's it


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