Homemade Families, Week 5

February is here and we have one month under our belt for Homemade Families! If you haven’t jumped into the fun yet it’s not too late. I don’t believe in “catching up” just “picking up” from where we are at. It is a once a week challenge. The prompts are posted here. You make your layouts. Post in a gallery or to Dare2Dream website. Come back here and post your link in the original post. Once a month I draw from the names of those who completed as least one for a nice giveaway. To join send me your real name and your comment name at DebbysDare@gmail.com 

February is our Heritage month. We are going to be creating layouts that have to do with recipes handed down or if you started your own tradition that will be passed to your child, niece, nephew, etc. Preserve the family of your origins with their precious recipes.

My family’s most famous recipe is that of my grandmother’s biscuits. You have never had a real biscuit unless you’ve eaten one of her biscuits. Every family event had to have Grandma’s biscuits. My cousin Rita and I would race to see who could get the middle biscuit! It was the softness. 

What is one of your families oldest recipes and what’s the story behind it?
 My Answer

Grandma’s Biscuits
No one knows exactly what Grandma Thomas did to make her famous biscuits. Her mother taught her as her mother taught her. We all know the ingredients; we’ve all watched her make them. No one can cook biscuits like Grandma.

My memory of Grandma making biscuits was that she kept her flour in large, white enamel pan with red rim. She kept it covered with a cloth. When she got ready to make her biscuits she would make a “well” in the center of the flour, put in her ingredients and mix it all in the “well.” She would pull out the dough and there would not be a crumb of left in the pan. She covered it back up and put it away. Now that’s talent.

When my Grandmother passed away the pastor could not resist giving praise to Grandma for having the best biscuits ever. He noted everyone always asked how she did it. Her reply was always the same ‘make your biscuits three times a day for 50 years for 11 children and one husband, then you will get them right!

Paper: TPC Studios
Stamp: Studio 490
Antique lace and button
Letter Title: Making Memories (they are cork letters)
Transparency: Grafix
Ink: Ranger Archival Sepia
Chipboard and Glimmer Mist: Tattered Angels

Winner for January is Jo Ann

Congratulations! Send me your snail mail. Make sure to include for what you won.

Happy 30th Birthday to our first-born son William. He is a Godly man, a great and fun father and loving husband. He became everything we ask of God. Mom and Dad love you very much Will.

A friend of mine sent this to me. I responded to the call several days ago. I think it is important as I have so much to learn and I would rather learn at the feet of a diverse and seasoned crafter. So read carefully and please let’s jump in and help.

To my talented and creative friends and family,

Please help me join forces to bring Carol Duvall back. As you may have noticed, there are NO crafting shows on TV. There are all gone. We need representation in the crafting world. The new program will be to show all the wonderful new things that can be done with crafts. It will be on the World Wide Web instead of television, so that everyone will be able to get it anytime they wish and watch until they have mastered a technique.

Please send quick email stating that you want Carol Duvall back (a one line email is all that is needed) at:  icraftwithcarol@yahoo.com

Please do it now and share this info with your friends. If there is enough interest (i.e. sending the email), we have a chance to get Carol back. Let’s see how many responses we can get by Tuesday, February 2. We have to act quickly. Please forward this info, blog and/or tweet about Carol. We need people to show their support of Carol immediately.



PS. Carol looks great and wants to get back to work!!

Thanks Anita for doing your part to enrich the crafting community.

Gratitude List
1. a fun time planning a crafty wedding
2. Tabitha and David
3. William
4. God’s Grace for a Beautiful Family
5. God’s staying love


  1. I LOVE this. I have been working for months on a recipe book for my daughter!!! I am teaching the final project in a bind it all class!!! We made tamales this past weekend. I want her to grow up in tradition, even though we are from 'home'.

  2. I love Carol Duvall. I used to watch her all the time. I was thinking the same thing, there are no crafts shows on TV. I loved watching crafting, quilting, scrapbooking shows. So sad that they aren't on any more.

  3. very cool about carol duvall. i thought she had health issues tho. wonderful lo and journaliing about grandmas' biscuits. yum!

  4. Terrific layout and story, Debby!
    Happy B'day to Will and congrats to Jo Ann!

  5. Beautiful layout and I love the story about your Grandma's biscuits!! Makes me think of my Great grandma's sugar cookies! Beautiful blog :)

  6. I love reading about your grandma's biscuits. I'll be the resting period and bacon drippings are high on the list of what makes them so good. Beautiful post.

  7. Thanks for using our Ancestral Collection in this layout. It's great!! If you ever make a project using any of TPC Studio's product, you can always send us images and we would be happy to post it to our blog and link back to your blog.
    Thanks again!!


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