Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

Wow, what a downpour that is going on here. The lighting and thunder is getting bad. I wanted to post a little something today before it gets too bad.

Two words that describe my style: Secrets and Hats. Guess what? I have one of both. One I can’t tell until March and the other will be on tomorrow’s post! Don’t you love suspense?

Here is an ongoing project I have. It’s a year long project but certainly full of potential and fun.

The calendar is a perpetual calendar. You can add your numbers from the pack or add your own. It comes with the rub-ons for the months. I really liked the ease of use for these rub-ons. The stamps, inking, and photos I added.

Photo Possibilities
1. Birthdays…which I’m working on
2. use your little mini-photos you get back with your photos when you have them printed and place the mini-photo on the day you took the picture. Later you will be able to go back and remember when you took the picture.
3. Participating in 365? Well, this is a great way to stay organized until you can scrapbook them. The same as #2 except all the dates would be filled!

Did I mention you can buy the calendars on Debby’s Dream Studio? Oh, yeah! Moxxie Calendar.

Lighting is getting worse, gotta go.

Gratitude List
1. Adam and Jimmy
2. coffee
3. energy
4. rain and storms that make our garden possible
5. God’s hand in providing our garden


  1. Oh I just love storms, except you can't go on the internet.
    Pretty calender

  2. This looks great! I still need to make a calendar. :)

  3. Hi Debby! I linked here from a thread at 2Peas - you've got a great blog! I LOVE how you end each post with a gratitude list - such a wonderful idea!! I've got you bookmarked and look forward to checking in here often - you've got some beautiful projects!! Cheers from Vancouver, BC! :)

  4. Eeek on the thunderstorm! Love your calendar project. :)

  5. do you know where to get one of those stands?


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