Gremlins on the Loose! Finding your Vision

Get your gear on ladies because we are cleaning, organizing, thinning out (ouch) our studio space. Whether it is the kitchen table or your own room there will be something mentioned throughout this series that should, would, could help you out. I’ve entitled this series:
Gremlins on the Loose!

Remember when our space was all cute and cuddly then over time turned into one uncontrollable monster? I went from a few items in a bag, working at the end of my dinning room table to having a room that somehow become overrun with disorderly Gremlins.

I have a small den that has been turned into my studio over the years. Up until about a month ago I had three tables, two paper racks, three bookcases, an antique desk, a cedar chest and my computer desk all in this small room. I had things hid underneath tables and shoved into every corner of the room. When I scrapped my space was limited and I did not even know where to put things away when I was finished. So, I figured it was time.

The first of the year is a great time to get organizational supplies. Michael’s had their white organizational units on 50% off for several weeks. One week it was 20% off the 50%. I brought friends! LOL

Ikea is another great place for organizational idea and items. I would love to go back soon for a few little items I did not pick up the last time. “Danger Will Robinson!!”

Where did I start? A scrapbook yard sale. I coordinated a scrapbook yard sale and began to thin out my stash. It was an impossible task at the time. I set some rules for myself that were not ridged, but help me guide myself in the process.

My Rules for Clearing out the Gremlins

Paper: why did I buy it, where will I use it, and how long ago was this plan!
Tools: do I use it at all? How long since I used the tool, over a year ago.
Embellishments: If I haven’t used them in a year then I needed to seriously consider whether or not I really would use them.
Stamps: What was I thinking when I bought so many stamps? Have I used them at all? Will I use them at all? Have I purchased something very similar to the point I can sell one set?
Packaging: Is it necessary for what you have? Packaging takes up a lot of room (This is a tip from Wendy Vecchi).
And more…

These are photos of my process over several days of taking everything out and thinning my stash.

As I was trying to go through everything a great friend and fellow artist gave me the most helpful piece of advice: “clear out the room.” She wanted me to take everything I could out of the room. Map out what I wanted to do. Then put back what and where I wanted to. She’s nuts by the way! LOL Go back to what I told you was in my room. Everything except the computer desk went to the living room, hallways, dinning room and spare room. And it was that way for at least 2 or 3 weeks while I worked on what I really wanted in my studio.

If you choose to accept the Dare of cleaning and making your space inspriational once again.  Come following along with the assignments.  Post photos either on Dare2Dream or sent them to me and I'll post them for you on either Dare2Dream or I'll set up a slide show here.  At the end of the series we will all vote on the before and after shot to win ...

Fiskars Caddy
Foundation Pack from Creative Dreams Studio
$15.00 gift certificate towards unKit's kit
Guest Blogging spot here at Debby's Dare to tell your Story of Gremlins on the Loose!

If you participate leave a comment here when you have completed Assignment 1 and 2.

Assignment Number One: Set your rules for what you want to keep or donate/sale etc.
Assignment Number Two: what is your goal for your space? Mine was organization, light, and inspiration.

I’m giving you a week to think about it before the Spring-cleaning begins! It’s hard, hard, hard. But we have to beat back the disorganization, uninspiring Gremlins.

Gratitude List
1. God’s grace in our decisions
2. snow, again in March
3. Tabitha’s wedding as it is so much fun
4. love for art
5. God’s love for me, undeserved


  1. Oh boy. I just moved and you would think that I wouldn't have such a mess but I need some better organization. I am going to go to Ikea (and yes that is a danger spot for me)and get a desk and wall storage unit. I am set up to sell stuff at a yard sale next month so I have to get busy and go through stuff. I need to get to the point where I have what I need and stop hoarding... thanks for your inspiration.

  2. I started something like this last year. Then kind of got stumped on the stamp part.

  3. Organizing and chasing out Gremlins could become a hobby unto itself. lol. I want to accept your dare. I want to keep everything! That's my problem. lol :)

  4. Okay, I am in! I know you know that I just "re-did" my space, but I didn't go through the cleaning out process. I basically put things in my new shelves the way they would fit and still have stuff stashed under my table and in an extra cabinet. I really need to simplify to just make it more user friendly where when I want something it is a logical place, not just the place I put it when I got my new shelving unit so I could get it out of the boxes.

    I accept your dare!

  5. I love how you compare scrap supplies to gremlins LOL.
    I will be moving in about 2 months, and my scrap space is going to be in my room... so I will want to make it as tidy as possible. Last year I got things slimmed down to one cabinet... but since then I have continued to buy stuff, and it's overflowing again.
    I accept this challenge,too!
    Mindy O.

  6. I might give it a go. My space is just a few feet at the back of the living room, so I almost have to keep it cleaned up. Plus I could never leave a messy desk, so I always pick up and put away the tools and scraps etc.
    I do have a couple of sizzix alphabets left that I need to get rid of which would open up a little space.
    I have stopped buying supplies unless I need adhesive, or when I've run out of a particular color of paper/card stock. I'll have a look at my space and see if there's something I could do to make it batter. TFS


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