Heidi Grace

I had absolute fun with these two layouts. I found Ms. Heidi Grace’s new designs at JoAnn’s yesterday. I loved how cute it is. So I could not resist. I really wanted to add texture to my layouts. I’ve been reading Tantalizing Textures by Trudy Sigurdson.  The book is very inspiring and full of fun techniques.

Have you seen the guest blogger at unKit.com? Leslie Ashe is unKit’s guest blogger and she is making flowers out of blue jeans and Shimmerz. Check out unKit for more.

Let’s add Amy Coon’s guest to the list of fun going on the internet. The PaperLife’s guest is Becky Higgins. There is a live interview that is not to be missed.

Since I’ve thinned down some of my responsibilities I’ve been able to start picking up what the rest of the crafting and art community is doing!

BIG Dare with Gremlins on the Loose. Check it out. You have until next Thursday to do the first two assignments. It took me awhile to get my space in shape and as I buy new products I’m glad I have a place for them. Last night my daughter-in-law was making a card and because I had drawer marked and designed she was able to find what she needed lickety split! You can accomplish sweeping those Gremlins out the door.

Happy Crafting Month!

Count down until March 10th.  Make sure to be here so I can tell you my fun secret!

Gratitude List
1. a blessed day yesterday
2. time to myself to visit with scrappy friends
3. a little shopping
4. finding the items we need for Tab’s wedding
5. God’s power to reconcile


  1. oooooooooooooo love the gremlin. AND i adore your 2 lo's. you rocked the papers!

  2. Love those layouts.

  3. Absolutely love the Tabby imagination layout. The colors are a favorite combination of mine and I love how you used that cut out flourish.


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