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I'll be gone most of the day Saturday cropping and having a blast with my scrappy friends.  I wanted to remind you that my secret will be revealed in

4 more days

If you come across DD today leave me a comment and let me know what your day is looking like!


  1. My creative energy needs to be recharge and just refusing to do things at the moment (hohoho) - I guess, just for a day. Smile!

  2. Well Debby...I'm at home struggling with the flu and wishing I felt up to creating something wonderful! Maybe tomorrow!...Hope you're having a fantastic day!!...Nancy :o)

  3. I brought my sweetie home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. So my day was spent getting him home and settled in. I think he thought he was going to spring right back to normal....He got a rude awakening. But they did the angioplasty, and the Doc says all is well now. So I'm happy, but very very tired! I hope you have a great day.


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