I remember even as a child my fascination with Faberge Eggs. When my daughter was young we made a very simple decorative egg. The egg is real; I just blew the egg out. Tabitha was about five and we decorated it together. I made the holes at either end a bit larger and Tabitha wrote the note “He Has Risen” to roll up and place inside the egg. I still have the egg after several moves and many years this little egg has survived. It is about 26 years old.

Instructions (folks Logitch sent me a UPS notice the web cam is in the mail!)

Yesterday, I decided to give the blown egg another shot. This is a regular grocery store extra large white egg. I tapped a pin in the top and in the bottom. I held each end with the pins inserted and shook it up very well. FYI: great way to scramble eggs. I tapped the bottom hole with the pin to make it a little larger so the egg whites would blow out. The yolk is easy.

Once I blew out the insides I ran water into it and rinsed it several times, then I set it aside to let it drain.

I made the birds with Fiskars “Word is the Bird” squeeze punch. I punched out three layers for each bird (there are two birds). I glued this together and then adhered it to the egg. I covered the egg with gold leafing. This was my first time gold leafing with the real thing so it took me awhile. I painted the birds with Tim Holtz crackle paint. I did use a sealant to make sure when my gold did not turn later. I added Prima’s pearls and roses.

For the piece hanging I took apart a jewelry pendant, painted it with the crackle paint and rubbed on Vintage Photo distress ink. I stamp the Legacy Lady stamp from Artful Legacy on grungeboard and spritzed it with Tea Dye distress ink reinker.

Connect it all and TaDa I have my own Faberge Egg. Well, maybe not. But I like it and it was fun to make.

I’m off duty from the big part of wedding crafting until Monday. I have a few things to do, but now we are waiting for RSVP deadline to pass before starting on the Escort Cards. So I think I’ll create and also do a little shopping.

Gratitude List
1. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross
2. atonement for my sins
3. God’s overwhelming love for me even while I am yet a sinner
4. Jesus obedience to do the Father’s will
5. God’s forgiveness of my sins


  1. owowowowo! that is beautiful and awesome. love it. i also admire your patience. lol!

  2. Oh, I remember making these with my mom when I was little. What a nice memory you have made for such a memorable time of the year!

  3. So special.
    I have blown out eggs and decorated them as well. I even have done the for Christmas, I cut an opening in the center and made scenes in them.

  4. What a beautiful treasure!

  5. Both eggs are very pretty.

  6. Lovely work Debby! Thanks for sharing, and have a Blessed Easter

  7. Your Fabrege egg is beautiful, but I'd bet the 26-year-old egg will always hold a dearer spot in your heart. I cracked eggs to make a cake this morning. Wish I would have thought to blow them out! My grandson and I could have decorated them and copied the idea of the precious note inside. I do hope to make Empty Tomb cookies with him tonight, though.
    Thanks for sharing and have a glorious Easter!
    Because He lives,


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