Pearls and Bling, a Girl's Best Friend

Ink, cut, paint, stain and hunt Easter Eggs all in over 90+ degree weather. That was our day yesterday. We spent the afternoon with my son and my two beautiful granddaughters yesterday and then Tabitha and David followed us home to work on the wedding. The closer we get to the wedding the more we seem to have to do. LOL

Hannah snuck out and was spying where all the eggs were located.  I laughed so hard as everyone was watching her and no one realized that she was not suppose to be there yet!

I can show you one thing I made for the wedding. It’s not for Tabitha, but it is for me. I made this necklace for me to wear for the wedding. I saw the design on a project idea sheet from Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it. FYI: project sheets no longer have instructions, it’s just inspirational. I loved the colors and design. The hard part was twisting the strands to get the look of the design. AND I did not know how to make the strands of beads hook to the clasp in a very nice way. I’ve never made anything like this before and I wanted to make it very nice.

I pulled out my book The Impatient Beader
by Margot Potter which was the biggest help. The instructions were simple enough for me and the photos that went along with the instructions were so helpful. I have several other beading books but they are harder for me to understand since I’m just a beginner. Margot’s book takes you from just starting out to funky fun. Her book is now my standard for my beading projects. (legal-eeze: Margot nor the publishers of her book are financially compensating me for this review.)

I love beading and I wish I were more knowledgeable on how to get the designs I have in my head to become a reality. Sometimes necessity is the best teacher.

Gratitude List
1. a wonderful time with my grandchildren
2. a beautiful day outside with the family
3. laughter
4. God’s provision in my family’s lives
5. the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son that I might have everlasting Life


  1. Oh I really like the necklace, you did a fantastic job. I'll have to look for at her book.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Easter spent with your family. LOL about your granddaughter scoping out the eggs! Beautiful necklace!

  3. Oh wow!!! Beautiful necklace! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. TracyM #67736:06 PM

    Gorgeous necklace Debby - you have done a great job with it :)

    Glad you had a lovely Easter and cannot wait to see all the wedding goodies you have made!!!

  5. Your necklace is just beautiful.

  6. lol! how funny scouting out the territory and what beautiful sparklies. yum!

  7. Gorgeous necklace!

  8. What a beautiful necklace!!!

  9. Wow - that's a beautiful necklace Debby


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