Cards You've Been Dealt Challenge/RAK

Have you heard of The Skit Guys? I found them via Facebook and subscribe to their feed on youtube. They are two men, Tommy and Eddie, who use the creative medium of drama to convey biblical truths. Sometimes I can’t stop laughing because not only their approach of a topic but that it often hits home. I highly recommend their videos for you and if you are in a youth group these are great skits.

I ran across this youtube video entitled “Cards You’ve Been Dealt” by The Skit Guys. It was sobering, thought provoking, and if one allows can alter your perceptive on the Card You’ve Been Dealt.

Take 4 minutes and watch the video and then read on for a Dare Ya! / Challenge I’m holding starting June 7th and running through the 13th.
What are the Card’s Dealt to You in Life? The good and the not so good. How does it affect you and your life? Are you Angry? Hurt? Confused? Thankful? Blest?
  • Pick Five cards you’ve been dealt in life.
  • Create a layout that either expresses in art/scrapbooking that particular card or create one you can journal or display photos.
  • The challenge is to create five pages/canvas/a mini-book or whatever your medium happens to be to express 5 Cards Dealt to you in Life.
Personally, I going plan out which 5 cards I want to express and really look at that card dealt to me in life. Take the time to use your cards in life and your art to really reflect on that card which changed your life.

If you are comfortable posting your “card” each day, just leave your link here. If you are not comfortable making your card public you are welcome to send a photo to me at The only thing I will do is record that you sent it to me on that particular day and then it will be deleted so your card remains private.

Monday June 14, I will post a winner, randomly drawn from all the entries, of Quickutz’s Letterpress Starter Kit. The kit includes Letterpress Tool*Clear Packing Mat with Grid-Paper Placement Guides*Ink Base-Ink Brayer*10 A2 Flat Cards-9 Printing Plates with Adhesive Sheets*1 Black Ink. It does not include the Sizzix Epic.

If you would like to sponsor one of the daily giveaways please contact me as soon as possible at 

This is going to be hard. Anytime we reflect and then commit it to our art it is hard. But it is well worth the end results. Good Luck. I’ll start posting my “cards” Monday June 7th. In the meantime spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, message boards, emails, call a friend or a local scrapbook store to join in on the Dare Ya! If you let others know about this Dare Ya! leave a comment on this post and I’ll start the Dare Ya! off right by drawing a name from the comments for two packs of Maya Road trinket pins, vintage and crystal, on Monday June 7.

Big Challenge, Big Prizes, Big Fun. I hope you will be joining me on my adventure.

Gratitude List
1. The Skit Guys’ heart
2. God’s use of all creative medium to reach my heart
3. friends who listen to my “cards” often
4. my sweet Tabitha and her skills to help me
5. God who doesn’t let go of me, even when I try to push Him away


  1. I think this is an awesome idea! I think a lot of healing can come from this. Just imagine the amazing art that will come from this Dare! Great idea!

  2. Great challenge, Debbie. TY for steering me toward the videos, too. I tweeted this.

  3. I like this prompt for documenting about our lives.

  4. Mandiannie7:31 PM

    I discovered the skit guys a while ago. Watched quite a few of their clips, but my favorite so far is God's Chisel. It's also a great reminder, especially the line that says "God doesn't make Junk"

  5. I think God's Chisel is my fav too.

  6. Okay Debby...I really like this idea and I I'd really like to joing in! I'm finding it a bit late...of course! lol Do they all have to be done by the 7th of June?...Nancy :o)


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