Debby's Dares Demo: Flower Gone to Far!

I have some beautiful multi-colored moss roses and deep red Gerber daisies blooming in my little flower garden right off my porch. The flowers make me smile every time I go outside. The creation of that kind of beauty only comes from the great Creator.

I love bringing flowers into my studio and onto a scrapbook page. Debby’s Dare Demo is about making another style of flower. It’s a simple square and fold…it’s a flower I called art gone too far. LOL You’ll have to watch to see why.

Enjoy and as always I would love to hear from you so leave a comment and I’ll draw a name for a little scrapbook goodie on Sunday.

Don’t forget about Buckets for the Cure photo Dare Ya!

Gratitude List
1. smiles and laughter
2. the never ending photos and memories
3. love that is kind
4. 1 Cor. 13
5. God’s sovereignty in my life


  1. Love the flower, Deb!
    Great tutorial, thanks!!!!

  2. Kerri#10178:47 AM

    that flower idea looked sooo cute & awesome! looks like i have to add those 2 squeezie punches to my bday wish list for when the oldest 2 kidlets go shopping for me LOL. awesome tutorial, never would have thought to try something like that..

  3. These flowers are so cute. I love to make flower embellishments

  4. I'm sorry Debby....we can't watch youtube so I can't see how you made the flower but I would really love to know....I thought I would comment reading your blog.

  5. I can watch the video, but I can't hear it. Hopefully, I can pick it up without vocal. LOL Thanks. It's a real cute flower.

  6. What a beautiful flower! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Oh man, I wish I had seen this last month because I was doing a flower embellishment swap and I had the hardest time coming up with something. Thanks for sharing, looks like fun!

    Fiskateer #7021

  8. love this. I should really look at my punches differently....

  9. Thanks for another great tutorial! I love these flowers.

  10. WOW Debby thanks for showing us how to make another type of flower. MY SIL is a flower lover so I will have to send her over here to check these out!!

  11. Love how you include a gratitude list. Sometimes I think we forget to be grateful, especially for the little things that are really big things.

  12. Love your videos. Like visiting with a friend. Love the flower. Will try them in "play time" tomorrow! Thank you!

  13. Hey Debby, I love this video. What a cute flower. And it's just 2 simple folds! Thanks for sharing.


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