Need a Bit of Mojo

I've been a bit overwhelmed with teaching assignments and design team assignments over the past week or so. We all get overwhelmed with life at times and the Mojo flow seems to slow down. I've learned a long time ago how to kick start my Mojo!

I love colors that you find in nature. These are the purest of colors and I've yet to see any one come close to reproducing the colors or the feel you get when you are enjoying nature. The best place for some outdoor color right now is in my own yard. I looked around today to find I had quiet a bit of flowers blooming and my peach tree is so heavy with peaches the branches are touching the ground. I can't wait to get my teeth sunk into a nice juicy peach. When I say juicy I mean the kind of juicy when you bite into the peach the juice is so overwhelming it drizzles down your chin. I can't wait.

So if you can use a little Mojo here are a few of the photos I took while enjoying God's creations.

I'm getting ready for Father's Day.  This is a card I made with Artful Legacy's Timepiece.  The photo is of my dad who I miss very much.

Gratitude List
1.  questions
2.  seeking answers is the important part of the journey, not finding them
3.  inspiration from God's Creations
4.  wisdom
5.  tap on the shoulder to let me know God wants me


  1. You got some beautiful shots!!

  2. Beautiful card.
    You have peaches growing in your yard. Yummy.

  3. great color inspiration! beautiful pictures!!

  4. Nature is a fabulous place to gather inspiration! I love all of the flower pictures you snapped! Your card is lovely and I always enjoy your gratitude list. Thank you!

  5. Look at all that color and texture that should work on your mojo!

  6. your peaches look incredible! Thanks for the "mojo" tip--I've been feeling that way a bit too.


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