A Weekend of Memories!

Oh, my goodness what a weekend! I now have memories and photos to keep me busy scrapbooking for awhile. LOL
Artful Legacy

I was fortunate enough to take the Calendar Class from my “boss” from Artful Legacy this weekend. They are true awesome people! I enjoyed the class greatly. We made a calendar book for 2011. What was great is that people came to take the class for a Mother’s Day gift, but better yet one woman was getting a head start on her Christmas gifts. Smart, Smart, Smart. I had fun playing with Artful Legacy stamps and learning a better way to cover my mini-books. By the way, if you sit next to me in class, don’t do what I do. LOL I always take the principles of what is being taught and apply my twist! Someone was following me and realized later I was not doing it like Christine. Yikes!

Mom’s Bragging Rights!
Saturday evening was the ROTC Awards Banquet and Military Ball. Jimmy and I were surprised and proud of our son. The most surprised person in the house was Jacob. He was honored with an award and metal from the Veteran’s Association. It gets better. The last award of the night was of course the top honor for the year. Colonel Hall explained the importance of the award and that it was the highest honor a cadet could receive. When he called our “Cadet Perkins” Jim and I nearly fell out of our seats and Jacob’s face was so animated with surprise. The whole room was full of military “ooahs.” The whole thing was incredible.
The Ball

Jacob and his fellow cadet and girlfriend Michelle were named King and Queen of the Ball by his fellow cadets. Talk about a AWESOME evening for Jay. Mom has much to scrap about.

Book Recommendation

During National Scrapbook Day Claudine Hellmuth with Rebecca Peak over at Fiskateers issued a challenge from Claudine’s new book/kit The Scrapbooker’s Creativity Kit! The kit has an awesome inspirational book with a rockin’ Design Team and two stacks of cards. Here’s a little of what Claudine says how it all works:

To begin, shuffle the word and color prompt cards separately, then draw one of each. You’ll notice that each word prompt card has two words on a side. The idea is to use the word that is facing up when you deal the cards. You might decide to draw two color cards plus one word card….Now, let’s say you draw food + pink + red. You would need to create a project that had something to do with food….using red and pink somewhere oin your piece.

For Fiskateers it was blue jeans + hot pink + escape. Talk about a toughie. Just to find hot pink in my scrapbook supplies was a challenge in and of itself. I did and this was the end product.

I highly recommend this book/kit. Awesome on the inspiration and kick start that mojo book!

My Fiskateer Take
Gratitude List
1. Buck and Christine
2. my children
3. God’s goodness for allowing Jay a night of forever good memories
4. my church for their heart and worship
5. God’s grace for the friends He brings into my life


  1. Congrats to your son! I love that creativity kit! The fiskateer challenge would be easy for me - i love blue jeans, my favorite color is hot pink, and man, do I need to escape - LOL!

  2. Wow Debbie you sure had a busy weekend.
    Congrats to your son.
    I never follow instructions either, that's why I haven't taken a class LOL.
    Your layout fits perfect with the prompts that were given.

  3. Happy Mother's Day and huge congrats to your son! Beautiful layout too Debby!

  4. What an amazingly wonderful weekend you had!

  5. congrats to your son! you should be very proud!

  6. TracyM #67737:03 PM

    Congratulations all around Debby - for your crafty calendar book, your escapist layout, along with its super book win and best of all for your son's awards - you should be very, very proud!!!


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