Happy Independence Day, America!

We all have so many ways to celebrate our country's Declaration of Independence, our "Birth-Date." 

One way in our area is the Gilbert Peach Festival.  Although Peaches are are every one's heart and mind you can look around and know the real reason we were all at the Peach Fest...
   the children are in red, white, and blue
   flags are flying high
   patriotic shirts are being worn
   several booths helping people sign thank you cards or raising funds to help our heroes
   patriotic music
   ice cream, peanuts, peaches
   families and friends together eating barbecue and listening to live music
   smiles and pride knowing why we are celebrating today of all the days of the year...

It's our Independence Day. 

I went to the Peach Fest Saturday morning.  These are just a few of the photos I took as I enjoyed Peach Tea, Barbecue and the songs of Carolina.  I watch the tiny girls as they danced and the toddlers running around after footballs dreaming of being a Carolina Gamecock.  I went by myself and I noticed things I normally don't notice because I'm busy with my family or friends.  It was a wonderful morning remembering this is my Americana.

***Slide Show Removed due to sound***

When you watch the slide show, take a moment and click on the video of John Wayne.  It has always been one of my very favorites.

God Bless you America!

Gratitude List
1.  USA
2.  our leaders
3.  freedom
4.  our heroes how secure our freedom
5.  one nation under God