A True Senior Moment

Yesterday my youngest son had his Senior Photos made. I was honored that he asked me to go with him. It was so much fun. When I had my senior pictures taken it had with a velvet drape around my shoulders that hung in a way that made us look “grown up.” LOL

Jacob was given 4 different photo stations: formal, informal, school spirit, and outdoors. We had 4 changes of clothes, one JROTC rife, one gaming system, a hat, and a girlfriend! LOL Everyone was so good as Jay took his time and the photographers took their time to get the “money” shots. One shot is being entered in a photographers’ senior photos contest. Banner day, I tell you.

I asked if I could take a few scene photos for his SCRAPBOOK. They were so kind they said I could take all the photos I wanted. But I enjoy having manners. Here are a few shots of the process.

One of Jacob’s friends asked me if Jay was embarrassed with all the photos. “Are you kidding? His mom is a scrapbooker!” Need I say more? FYI: I asked Jacob and he said he had fun.

This funky, fun, bright layout is one of the outdoor shots he had made. It’s fun and hard to see your last one in love and giving his heart to another.

News of the opening of heART of Scrapbooking is going out Friday night via the newsletter. If you haven’t signed up, now is the time.  ( I do not share nor sell email address.  My newsletter generally goes out once a month unless fun things are hopping and I might send you two!!)

Everyday next week I have a special guest with a special project I’m excited to share with you. Of course, there will be special RAKs / Giveaways to go with each day.

Gratitude List
1. getting a lot of work done
2. pain getting less
3. God’s strong presence that I know protects me
4. my Jacob
5. God’s gift to me of my children


  1. Great post today! I'll sign up for your newsletter!

  2. Can't wait for the opening! I have a son who will be getting senior pictures next year, so can imagine how it would tug on the heartstrings!

  3. Awww such a sweet post.
    I can't believe the time they take with the photo's. My daughter just got a picture with a background, hat on or hat off, that was it.


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