Opposites Attract

I was in one of my MOODs Sunday and just had to do a bit of designing and painting and stapling…you get the drift.

I found an old photo of Adam (now 27) and Jimmy on one of his Kindergarten days. It was a perfect photo of the two of them together, precious beyond words.

Here was my thinking: Opposites Attract.

You can see the same layout below with the arrows of the same design idea, different mediums sometimes, but at opposing sides, ends of the layout.





I had a great time working it all out and I love how it turned out. Isn’t that the important thing? How you feel about your layouts? If it makes you happy and conveys your story then you have made the perfect layout.

I have loads to tell you, but I’ll wait until tomorrow!

Gratitude List
1. no stomach ache tonight
2. rain that cools the hot days
3. an afternoon with Tab and David
4. Jim’s overwhelming support
5. God’s goodness and protection in my life.


  1. Very cool layout Debby! Looks like you had lots of fun!...Nancy :o)

  2. Great job on the layout and thanks for all the details.

  3. Love how you included all your details on the layout... so much fun stuff to look at!

  4. Don't you just love when you find those older photos to inspire you? Great job on this one!


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