Up for A Scavenger Hunt (of sorts) and a Giveaway?***UPDATE***

I typed something confusing so here is the clarification.  The sign I was wanting you to find is the "new" sign I did not post below.  Good Grief on me.  Here is the sign to find.  If a category has the "new" sign in it somewhere in that category, that category would qualify as 1 in the Scavenger Hunt.  I'm sorry.  I'm going to extend the deadline until Thursday.  Thanks.

[by Debby made with Moxxie's Wizardly Paperline...photo is my one of many Senior Pictures of my son.]

Before we get into the Scavenger Hunt I wanted to let you know about an upcoming event week here at Debby's Dare Blog.  First week of September I will have some very extra special guests.  It will be Teen Week!  I will have teens that scrapbook sharing their favorite scrapbook pages.  I hope you will join me.

Debby's Dare Demo is now one of the top tabs.  I change out the videos often and I tell you on this page when a new one is up.  Do check them out and if you have a comment feel free to come back to the first post here and leave a comment.  You can also follow my YouTube channel to be notified when one goes up. 


You will often read about Fiskateers.  We're orange and proud of it!  LOL  It is a wonderful community of inspiration and encouragement.  Sponsored by Fiskars it is a place you can share you passion for crafting, not just scrapbooking although that is my favorite.  We now have a new lead Fiskateer that loves altered art, ATC's, and is great at video demos.  You can find us at FISKATEERS.  Check it out and if you would like join in.

Okay, last before the Scavenger Hunt.  I'm in a voting contest with two of my layouts.  I would very much appreciate it if you would take a minute to vote.  You don't have to join or comment.  Just click the button to vote.  

Here is the link to number one  http://scrapbookawards.com/show_comp.php?comp=15&file=163
Here is the link to number two http://www.scrapbookawards.com/show_comp.php?comp=15&file=162
I'm a hair behind and would appreciate your vote AND you can vote everyday.  Contest closes August 31st.

Okay, on to the SCAVENGER HUNT sort of.  LOL  heART of Scrapbooking is beginning to receive their new products.  It is just the beginning but I wanted to give you to opportunity to check out heART of Scrapbooking before even more product is up.

First, up for grabs is a Tim Holtz Fade, Rays and Retro, by Sizzix.  Let's make it more special and tell you that it is autographed by Tim Holtz.

The SCAVENGER HUNT is open to everyone.  If you are outside the USA then it will take longer to receive the giveaway if you win.

What to do...yes I'm going to make you work hard for that Tim Holt Fade. 

Go to heART of Scrapbooking the actual address is http://artofscrapbooking.net/

  • Go to the Marketplace.
  • The categories are at the top.  Click on the first one which is Debby's Designs. 
  • Go through each category and count how many category has at least one of these signs:
  • Email me at DebbysDare@gmail.com
  • DO NOT POST the number here, BUT comment here to make sure I know you have emailed me.
  • The Scavenger Hunt of sorts will be open until Wednesday when I'm expecting new products to be up!
I'll draw a winner from the correct answers and if they commented on the blog on Wednesday.
 On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Gratitude List
1.  a quiet day with Jimmy
2.  God's protection
3.  God's presencee everyday.
4.  family...it's the best group you'll ever join
5.  my hiding place in God


  1. Beautiful layout! The picture is fantastic!

  2. Great lo!
    Love the embossing folders, will try to do the hunt later.

  3. I think I did it right, beautiful blog.

  4. HOW EXCITING~ Love your blog and site deb looks awesome!!!!! LOve all the new stufff!!

  5. Ok done-great loand fun little hunt!!!! luck to everyone!!!

  6. Great LO!! Love those embossing folders. I sent you an email with my #!!! Thanks for another awesome giveaway and great items in your store!!

  7. I sent you an email. What an awesome website! I enjoyed looking through everything.

  8. Kerri#10177:11 AM

    off to email you now before i head to bed...great blog & woooot for autographed Tim Holtz folders how awesome is that


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