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Inspiration, I found for me, comes from my family and the feelings they invoke when I look at a photo and really remember the event or even how I feel about them.  I see photos of my Grandmother Thomas and a love that only a grandmother and granddaughter can share comes to my heart.  When I look at photos of my children when they were younger I remember the laughter we all shared at things like homemade plays. Paper can inspire me, art, a design on a brochure, or even a song.  But nothing compares to my family.   Just thought I'd share a bit of what I found during my Journey.

I did pick up some inspiration from an old Halloween photo of me from when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  Again, one of those elusive photos I found when redoing a book my father made for my husband.  I love discovering old photos.  I found this layout design in the book  Time to Scrap: Techniques for Fast, Fun and Fabulous Scrapbook Layouts by Kathy Fesmire.  I'm really enjoying the layouts and techniques in this book.  I seem to be using it over and over again.  The contributing artists are Jennifer Gallacher, Julie Johnson, Shannon Taylor, and Shaunte Wadley.  For me they really nailed this book on the head.

heART of Scrapbooking
Here are some things to know...
~First, second, and third Wednesdays of each month the Design Team will be posting projects and a blog post to Debby's Dare.  Most all the products they use can be found at heART of Scrapbooking's Marketplace.
~Starting Monday I will be posting here on Debby's Dare a limited time sale on paper "kits."   I will post the Products, the Paypal button, and tell you how many "kits" will be available.  The sale will run from Monday to Friday or when I run out during the week.

Gratitude List
1.  hair cut
2.  cool, crisp weather
3.  a time of quiet inspiration
4.  how Jacob inspires me
5.  each new day God gives me


  1. Another great layout Debby! :o)

  2. very cool layout! I like that orange "boo" edging on the interior!

  3. This is a great layout!! Congrats on being featured in Somerset!!

  4. Great layout...going to go look at that book now.

  5. Oh I wish I could find photos like that of when I was young. What a treasure!! Great design. I just might have to add to my book obsession collection.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Love your layout and your scrapping style. Just became a follower!

  7. Cant wait to see what kind of kits you will have for us at great deals!!

  8. That is adorable. I have only a few pictures of me when I was young. Love this!!!

  9. Great picture and fun LO, Debbie! Your parents were great to take the time to make sure your halloweens were fun. It is fun to see a homemade costume and make up. It seems like all of the costumes now are bought and not much effort put into them.

    You have really kept the same look about you through the years. Just turned from a cute little girl to a very pretty lady.

  10. Debby, this lay-out is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Love the layout.
    Joan fiskateer 808


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