Let Them Eat Cake!

I always fall in love with the decorated cakes at the SC State Fair.  This year they were exceptional.  The photos fall short of the real thing.  Imagine the time and talent it took to do these and get them to the fair in one piece! 

Aren't they incredible?  Which is your favorite? I think thelittle M&M pies are so cute! 

Here one more layout I did at my crop.  Again, without all my bells and whistles but with my handy-dandy Fiskars circle cutter and scallop punch I was still able to make a cute design. 

This is Tabitha and her brothers.  It's amazing we ever get a photo with them with a straight face!  Our William loves to make them laugh in the funnest ways.  In the middle of a family photo shoot once and everyone was so serious, he pinches Adam who jumps and turns bright red as the camera goes "click."  I didn't know what was going on but everyone was dying laughing!!  My children.

Don't forget about the Deal of the Week from the heART of Scrapbooking.  See the details in the post before this one.  The photo and Paypal button are on the top right hand of the blog.

If you have a minute it would be cool if you could click on "My Scrapbook Designs" (top right of the blog) and vote for my layout with Scrapbook Awards.  It's a cool place to check out and participate. 

FYI:  After reading your comments I've decided not to get a pig!  200 lbs good grief!  LOL
Gratitude List
1.  continued strength
2.  laughter from my 17 year old
3.  getting a lot of work completed
4.  loving, understanding husband
5.  God's mercy


  1. That layout is very nice! I really like the luggage cake, They were all amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos Debby.

  2. The cakes were amazing! :) I love your LO! :)

  3. That first cake that looks like pillows is amazing! Lovely layout, would never guess that you are working with limited supplies.

  4. wow on the cakes~amazing talent!!!! Would love to see you visit my blog!!! cm

  5. Debbie, your layout is beautiful. The cakes are wow! They are all amazing but the pillow cake is stunning--how'd they do that?

  6. I love looking at the cakes too! Some of them are so amazing!

  7. wow now that nice those cakes look like the real thing...

  8. Those cakes are just awesome!!

  9. Wow, those cakes are amazing! I love the pillows and the cake covered by butterflies. I wonder how they taste...


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