Scrapbooking is Pure Joy

I love it, I'm passionate about it and at times terribly addicted to it!  I make no apologies for being a Scrapbooker and boast it quite LOUDLY.  One gentleman at the Flea Market saw me admiring some old photos from WWII battles.  He said, "You look like a woman who enjoys paper items.  Let me show you something."  He dug through a box he had not put out on the table and this is what he showed me:

This scrapbook is from the late 1930s.  It is full of pictures of famous people with their autographs.  It is truly incredible.  I asked the price.  Well, it wasn't for sell.  What a tease.  He said he was clearing out an estate and had not had time to research it's value.  In the meantime I'm freaking out because it went back into the same box of "items" to be damaged even more.  FYI:  I'm staying in touch with the seller because if nothing else I want the book, I don't need the photos.  See I'm a bit addicted.  LOL

Here are a few layouts, very different from each other, that I created.  The first one is of my granddaughter at her 3rd birthday.  I had a collage-y type of fun.

Here's another I did several months ago for my son and his wife in a totally different style.

I love the more collage look, with some stamps and a bit of paint from time to time, but no matter how I do it...I DO IT!  LOL

Deal of the Week
Here is an incredible deal from the heART of Scrapbooking that is made possible by American Crafts.

Adhesive Extreme Value Pack from American Crafts

If you purchase all these adhesives separately you would pay over $45.00!  You can purchase this value pack here on Debby's Dare for only $16.99.  This is a permanent adhesive in a refillable dispenser.  Plus a clean and easy to use adhesive refill. The translucent adhesive dots are perfect for holding vellum and transparencies in place or anything else you want to adhere. Shipping is $5.20 (added at check out).  If you order more than one it costs an additional 2.00 per item for shipping.  I can't ship internationally.
Each American Crafts This to That Adhesive Value Pack includes: 240 Feet of Adhesives:
  • 1 Solid Adhesive Runner + 2 refills,
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It like the day after Thanksgiving Sale, but early!  This deal only lasts until Friday.  I'm only offering up 6 at this price, so pick them up while you can.

I'm off to teach tonight and I need to swing by the State Fair grounds to pick up my entries from the fair.  By the way Colleen, if you have a photo of "salad on a stick" I would love to see how it was done!  Everyone have a blessed day.

Gratitude List
1.  fun with my extended family
2.  cooking that was fun
3.  time with my husband
4.  my son who pulled off a great Halloween Party for ROTC...great job kiddo!
5.  all the blessing that God has given me through my family


  1. That was a tease to pull out that wonderful scrapbook and then say it's not for sale! Love your collage layouts!

  2. Sorry Debby, I don't have a photo of the salad on a stick. I had to search out the booth just so that I could see how it was done. The basic concept if I remember right (has been a couple of years) was a skewer type of stick, with a wedge of iceberg lettuce and then different salad toppings like a chuck of cheese, tomato wedges, carrots, etc., layered on top.Then a little dressing was drizzled over it all. If I get to the state fair next year, I will have to try and get a picture of one. That would make a fun layout, just showcasing the different foods on a stick.

  3. That album is fantastic!!

  4. Beautiful layouts. I just love this craft of ours. Quite addicting, isn't it?

  5. Wow! That scrapbook sounds incredible! Great layouts. I love your gratitude list and may have to incorporate something like it in my blog.

  6. How incredibly fun...I would have been thrilled as well to see that!
    Your LO's are Fab! TFS

    Wow! Check out my awesome NEW website for Scrappers & Stampers…. Scrap n' Stamp.

  7. Nice layouts. I like your attitude "no matter how I do it, I DO IT. I have to keep that in my head. I havent' done a layout in so long.

  8. What a neat thing to discover. I hope you get that album somehow!
    I love your proejcts!

  9. Beautiful layouts Deb, they are both perfect!

  10. The album is fantastic!! and the layouts are just perfect!!!

  11. I also have my own scapbook and seeing yours is such a very nice inspiration.

  12. Awesome layout!!!
    Love your blog too...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)



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