Spooky Halloween with Glue Dots® Adhesives

I'm excited to introduce my first Glue Dots® Adhesives Design Team Dottess Project.  Now that October has come it is time to decorate for Halloween.  I was talking to my grandchildren Saturday night and they were in the middle of getting their house all fun spooky for Halloween.  My H said she wanted to be a Hershey Kiss.  A girl after my own heart!!

I love putting up home decor during the different seasons holidays.  This is actually my first Halloween canvas and it was so much fun seeing just what I could do with my Glue Dots®.  

Here are the different ways I used Glue Dots® Adhesives.

The spider web was made with Glue Dots® Adhesives Continuous Line and covered with Martha Stewart black flock.  I laid down each line of adhesive, rubbed it with my finger then removed the plastic.  Rubbing the adhesive down before removing the plastic assures that the Glue Dots® Adhesives is evenly adhered to the canvas.  I took the black flocking and spread it across the adhesive, lightly pressing it into the Continuous Line.  Tap off all excess.  Because your Glue Dots® Adhesives is not wet you can use a soft brush to remove any flocking that is on the canvas.  

The foil accents around the edges were make with Glue Dots® Adhesives Craft dots by stretching them onto the canvas, rubbing the foil on top of it.  If you wait a day the strength the adhesive will cause it to reshape itself giving the foiled accent a distressed look.  You can go back over it and rub a little more foil onto the adhesive after it "distresses."  I thought is ended up so cool. 

I used Glue Dots® Adhesives Craft dots stretched across the witches hat and broom.  I wrapped the edges of the adhesive underneath so it would leave a smooth edge.  I added the Our Craft Lounge Platinum Sparkly Fluff by pressing it into the adhesive. By using
Glue Dots® Adhesives Craft Dots I got a much thicker look and feel to my fluff. 

Glue Dots® Adhesives Pop dots are fast becoming my favorite Glue Dots®.  Instead of just being "sticky" on the top and bottom of the dot Glue Dots® Adhesives Pop Dots are all "sticky" top, bottom and sides.  They are not too thick and I can add one Pop Dot to another to build my height to where I want it. I used the Pop Dots for my signs on the lamp post and on my spider.  

Again, I had such a fantastic time trying new techniques with my Glue Dots® Adhesives.  Now I have a new wall decor to add to my Halloween decorations.  

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team. 

Gratitude List
1.  cool weather and colorful landscape
2.  lovely brunch with my husband
3.  strength 
4.  loving friends in my life
5.  the doors God opens and His wisdom to let me know He wants me to walk through


  1. What a fun project. Good job!

  2. LOVE it! I'll be posting mine tomorrow to my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your canvas looks great!

  4. Wonderful! I love Glue Dots!...Nancy :o)

  5. Great Halloween card!

  6. TracyM #67735:34 AM

    Fabulous canvas Debby!!!

    Thank you for sharing how you made each element, think I will be checking out our stores for these to try now :)

  7. These spiders are scary!


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