Squish, Squash

Yep, yesterday was Mammogram day.  I'll spare you the details other to say everyone was kind.  The imaging specialist Diane was particularly kind, funny, and compassionate. 

If you haven't had your yearly Mammogram I urge you greatly to do so.  I went to have mine done this time because I thought there was a problem.  The doctor read my images and let me know immediately everything was okay.  The stress immediately was relieved.

Two of the sweetest ladies I've met because of the internet and worked with one at an event had breast cancer this year.  You probably know someone.  I have one Aunt who is a survivor and one Aunt who did not.  It's a frightening thing Breast Cancer.  I urge you GREATLY to make your appointment today to have your Mammogram done and may you have someone to care for you as good as Diane.

FYI:  my 17 year old found a way to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness by playing video games.  The company he played for donate a certain amount of money for each minute played.  Jacob played for one hour.  I'm proud he signed up and let people know what he was doing!

For being brave this is what the medical center gave me for my car:

I've been so busy with teaching, working on November classes, and design team projects I haven't had time to take photos of my projects.  I'll have some on Thursday.  Tomorrow Design Team member Connie Mercer made some wonderful tags to show you, so please make sure to check in tomorrow.

SNEAK...Last year I was privileged to have 12 Days of wonderful crafters be guests for the "12 Days of Home for the Holidays" here on Debby's Dare.  This year we are doing it again.  The ladies and a gentleman will be joining us this year to share their traditions they have during the holidays.  "12 Days of Home for the Holidays" start December 1st.  I'm so looking forward to our guests as many have given me sneaks into what they are sharing. 

I want to remind you of the DEAL of the WEEK for American Crafts Adhesives.  Check out this $45.00 value for only $16.99.  You can read more about what is in the Pack HERE!

Gratitude List
1.  all is well
2.  my Tabitha, David, and Raelyn
3.  Jacob's laughter
4.  God giving me the opportunity to teach about my passion for crafting
5.  God's Word to me that helps to guide me each day, although I falter and fail, He forgives


  1. I had my yearly check-up this month, too. Not a fun time, but well worth it, considering the alternative. Looking forward to seeing your projects and the 12 Days of Christmas!

  2. oh i cant wait to see your 12 day of christmas! those check ups are a must. my mom had breast cancer 2 times. 22 years apart. i am at my yearly check up with bells on! thanks for raising money for the cure!

  3. glad evrything is OK.

  4. Glad your check up was okay. What a beautiful Christmas photo! Can't wait until December 1st!!

  5. I am looking forward to your Christmas posts! It's 80+ degrees in So Cal today....can't believe it will be Christmas in just 8 short weeks!!

  6. Hi Miss Debby..Oh wow that 12 Days of Christmas sounds gorgeous!! I'll have to stay uned for more details.

  7. So glad that your mammogram was fine.


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