What a Journey!

I'm surprised that the inspiration is coming back so quickly.  I'm not 100% but I'm finding inspiration in a clean studio, books, and my photos.  I also draw a lot of encouragement from your comments.

Here is the link to NickelNook's Pegboard organizational idea.  I really love it and might adopt and smaller version for my room that houses my store.  The Nickel Nook

Marianne sent me this photo of her hutch.  I love the idea of building upwards.  I like everything right at within my reach.  Here's her explanation:

I liked this because the shelves can be moved around if you want to change them.  Actually, if you wanted to take everything out and start over, you can make a new configuration if you would like.  I recently put zip ties around each of the intersecting panels, just for my own piece of mind (I had seen someone else do it with some similar type shelves).  Some of the shelves are getting pretty heavy!  I bought this at Hobby Lobby. There are some shallow drawers you can buy to go in either the 6" opening or the 12". They would be good for setting a basket on, but they are not at all deep enough to hold anything in layers.

Thank you guys for sharing.

I have been able to make some progress in creating a few layouts.  Here is one of my son from "Students Honoring Valor Conference."

I made the piece with the Karen Foster Floss by using two metal embellishments from years ago from Karen Foster and placed Pop Dots from Glue Dots® Adhesives underneath.  I added two dots per metal embellishments.  It was easy to run the floss around it as it is sticky top and bottom and all sides.  Although I thought Craft Glue Dots® Adhesives was my favorite I'm fasting working toward the Pop Glue Dots® Adhesives moving into my number one spot.

Not only did I get one layout complete I did another one.  Really I was inspired both times by the photos.
I love the Prima and they Webster's Pages.  They work together beautifully for a very beautiful daughter.

Don't forget to leave your comment here to be in the drawing for the My Minds Eye collage of papers from the boy and girl line released this pas summer during CHA.  From the looks of my progress I'll be drawing a name next week.

I want to do some blog hopping for my next step.  Leave a comment with the link to your favorite inspirational blog.  I certainly will visit there over the weekend.

Gratitude List
1.  guidance
2.  inspiration
3.  loving, forgiving husband
4.  quiet times to rest in God
5.  the command to "Be Still and Know that I am God."  Listen for once Debby


  1. YAY!! for getting two layouts done Debby! Your "Longing" page is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love it!
    Come on back to my blog and check out some of the challenges I've been doing for some inspiration! My most recent post is a page using the "chalkboard technique". I had so much fun doing this page! Maybe you would enjoy it too! There's an explanation of the technique among the comments below the post. It's:

  2. Great layouts! so much meaning in them!

  3. Great layouts! :)

  4. oooo love your s/b area. very cool. and so glad some mojo is flowing for you again. i'm hunting for mine. and i love your lo's. yum!

  5. I love both of them. You're getting your mojo back in style! Hang in there-I know you'll make it.

  6. Great inspiration for organizing things. Here are a couple of my favorite blogs. One of them is one of my favorite paper companies blog:



  7. your second layout is beautiful - I love the title!

  8. Both your layouts are real nice, but the "Longing" layout is just so beautiful.
    I like Mariannes hutch so neat.

  9. Love both layouts! What a great use of pegboard!

  10. I like Marianne's set up! it is at arms reach. Getting more and more inspiration for when I build an official scrap area.


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