Did You Have a Happy Thanksgiving?

I did.  My whole family (minus one granddaughter) was there and it was fun and delicious.  Here are some quick photos I took...we were having so much fun I nearly forgot to take any.

Miss H with my house guest Tucker
                                                         Jim conquering the Turkey!

My family is getting so large we no longer have enough dinnerware for everyone! 

                                      More food than we could eat!  The beauty of leftovers.

Miss H, David, and Tucker on the move. 

I'm very thankful for my family!

Design Team Queen Connie Mercer made some fun craftiness for us.  From Connie...

The first one is some treat bags my granddaughter helped me make (she stamped hee,hee,) for her 3 yr old cousin ( Joseph) Very simple ~ she loved it!!!

The second one is for Joseph ( he will be 3). He is our 4th grandchild. He has Cerebral Palsy severe so I thought maybe he can hold this little toy in his hands. I used credit card (plastic) and covered with felt using Modge Podge. It worked very good ~ couldn't pull anything off, and then added the MME Alph. soup shapes I had left.

Great ideas and I totally love them.  Thanks Connie.  You can see more of Connie's work on her blog:  Crafty Goodies.

It all starts in a few days.  Starting December 1st Guest Bloggers from the Crafting World will be stopping by to tell you some of their Holiday fun they have this time of the year.  I'm totally excited and can't wait for you to meet my guests.  Help me spread the word to stop by for a bit of fun starting December 1st!

Gratitude List
1.  Tucker
2.  the laughter of my children
3.  God's grace and blessing to me and Jim
4.  Miss H's excitement
5.  good weather 


  1. Looks like you had a great holiday yesterday! Looking forward to your 12 days... :-)

  2. sounds like you guys had a lot of fun and food.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving
    The 12 days is sounding like fun


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