Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good Morning Coffee!

Hello, my name is Debby and I'm a coffee-a-holic.  I can drink coffee in 100 degree weather.  Several people have asked about all my energy to do what I do...answer:  Coffee.  LOL

One of my "working" cups I can trust near my scrapbooking materials.

The holiday season is upon us and I have a collection of holiday coffee cups that I'm pulling out to use.  I'm having my morning coffee now with my one of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite coffee or tea cup/mug?  Send me a photo and I'll feature it here on Debby's Dare this week.  Send to debbysdare@gmail.comI'll draw a winner from my favorite cup for a package of American Craft sparkly Thickers!  Deadline is Friday midnight.

Winner of the Graphic 45 Hallowe'en in Wonderland is ...

Becky said...

I'm a follower and would sooooo love to play with this paper I haven't played with Graphic 45 yet and I love all of it so far :)

Congratulations Becky.  Send your snail mail to Debbysdare@gmail.com
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  1. i do. i love my tervis tumbler cups.

  2. I love snowmen and that mug is adorable!

  3. Oh how I love coffee too! My husband works for a coffee company and helps feed my addiction! Lol! I think coffee tastes better out of your favorite mug, don't you?

  4. My favorite mug isn't really pretty or anything. It was just recently I realized it really is my favorite. It was in the dishwasher and I was looking for something to its place. The mug was the first gift a co-worker bought me before we really new each other (21 years ago! yikes!). We turned out to be fast friends. I just recently thought I should send her a picture of the mug. Thank you for reminding us of the good things in life!

  5. I hate coffee, I hate the taste and the smell. Am I still allowed to visit your blog, teehee.
    But I do love coffee mugs. I have so many and I dont' even drink the stuff. But I do enjoy a cup of hot chocolate every once in awhile.
    Your mug is adorable

  6. Love that cup.... It's way cute.

  7. Oh! I am such a morning coffee gal too! I think I have caffine in my blood! ...I guess that is why we ended up in Seattle-coffee capitol of the world, and birthplace of the Cult of Starbucks! LOL!

  8. I need my morning caffine too but mine comes in the form of Coke Zero from Steak N' Shake. :)


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