Gratitude List

I always add a gratitude list to my blog post.  It's my personal way to remind myself of all the wonderful people and events that happen every day.  This time of the year I've been reading blogs and Facebook where people have been writing a Thankful or Gratitude list everyday in honor of Thanksgiving.  It is wonderful to see the blessings of others.

My challenge to you is to not only write out a gratitude list during the month of November, but to continue throughout the year.  It's not always easy, but when things are not always wonderful it is an encouragement to look back through the lists to see what marvelous people are in my life, the opportunities that have been given to me, and the simple things like a smile or a phone call.  Incorporate in your blog, your Facebook, or buy a journal and keep it beside your bed and let the last thing you do before you sleep is to remember the blessings of the day.

I've been continuing to create layouts with my daughter's wedding photos.  This is one of the ring bearer.  He is a handsome young man.  When he went down the aisle he started to go stand by the men, but saw mom (matron of honor) and went to her.  He eventually sat down and so began his time of sheer wonder.  Click on the layout to get a better view of his face.  It's totally incredible. 

  (photos by Tracy Turpen Photography)

The weekend looks great.  Tonight is game night at the Lewis household and I'm out to win!  LOL  Saturday is Fellowship of Scrapbookers crop and I always have a wonderful time.  What are you up to this weekend?  Maybe a craft fair, flea market, shopping for Christmas, or a crop?  Leave a comment and let us know what you are up to this weekend.

Gratitude List
1.  my husband, Jimmy
2.  Jacob's hard work
3.  David and Vanessa
4.  my Grandmother Thomas
5.  God's unconditional love and total acceptance of who I am


  1. I love the gratitude list. What a great idea. I've been thinking of starting a gratitude album, in fact it's on my to-do list. Maybe it's kismet that I saw your blog today!

  2. I love the layout Debby! Listing our gratitudes sure puts everything into perspective, doesn't it? My family is all together for the weekend and we have LOTS of fun & games planned! Including our turkey dinner since we couldn't all be together at Thanksgiving! (we're in Canada)I'm VERY grateful for the days ahead!...Nancy :o)

  3. That is a Grand idea1!!! I have my class this sat ( canceled last sat) and today is hubby's birthday!!!

  4. What a cutie he is! Wonderful layout and challenge too.

  5. When I kept a personal journal I would write down 5 things I was grateful for that day.
    Now that I blog I have "Thankful Thursdays".
    Love reading yours.
    Scrapbboking night at my house tonight.

  6. I do like your gratitude list. Great reminder. That photo is precious - another thing to be grateful for!


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