Sights of Fall

Jim and I went driving yesterday and the changing of the leaves are just passing their peak.  Some of the colors were breath taking.  Spring and Fall are two of my favorite seasons here in South Carolina.  Cheryl, Lead Fiskateer, challenge the Fiskateers community to take photos of the season.  You can really see the difference of Fall from all parts of the United States. Here in the South we are still getting 70 degree weather!

Here are a few photos I took that I totally love.

The countdown has begun for the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays.  We are only 8 day away from interesting, lively, and funny blog posts from some incredible people from the greater crafting community.  Artists, Scrapbookers, and favorite crafting personalities will be sharing their favorite traditions, decorations, crafts, recipes, and more from their Holiday.  It's really a don't miss event here.  This is my second annual 12 Days of Home for the Holidays.  Put it down on your calendar or a note taped to your computer.  I'll be dropping hints from now until the first day about some of my guests.

Gratitude List
1.  the beauty of the season
2.  seeing Santa Claus Sunday
3.  generous heart and hands during this season of celebration
4.  energy to get it all done
5.  God providing so that my whole family can be together for Thanksgiving.


  1. love the fall leaves. they don't get this far south. diggin the crisp weather tho!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous Debby! Here's a link to what my fall looks like:
    It's a totally different beauty!...Nancy :o)

  3. Love those bright red leaves! Our leaves are almost all gone and it makes me sad-hate the bare trees.

  4. Beautiful!!! we don't have that kind of color where I line.

  5. wahooooo! i love fall photos. TFS

  6. Beautiful pictures, TFS!

  7. Love those fall photos! We just got our first hit of snow! Miss those autumn days!

  8. Oh how lovely! We had our hard freeze and all the leaves are gone. :(


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