A Bit O' Fun with Glue Dots® Adhesives

I have several more challenges from CHA that I can't wait to share with you.  Since we are fast approaching Valentines day I wanted to show you a fun project.  This is not just Valentaines but any time.  It's also a fun project for you and the children to do together.

Fun Frame

This project started out as a Kids Project and ended up a wonderful home décor piece.

Glue Dots® Adhesives Products used
     Glue Lines
     Macro **New**

Cut two sheets of paper 5.5” x 7”

Set one piece aside. This is your back of the frame.

Using your centering ruler first draw an X going from one corner to the other. You create a visual center to your paper. Measure and mark off a 4” x 6” box centered on the back of the paper. Use a craft knife to cut along the X that is inside the 4” x 6” box. Do not over cut.

Take the flaps and fold them inward making a neat edge to your inner frame. To secure the flaps adhere Glue Dots® Adhesives Glue Lines along the inside of the flap at the crease. Trim away the excess flap.

Using the 2nd piece of paper adhere it to the back of the front section of the frame using Glue Dots® Adhesives Glue Lines.

Set Aside

You will need 12 bottle caps. Regular sized bottle caps have a 1” center. I used my Fiskars Medium Round n’ Round Squeeze Punch to punch out 12 coordinating circles.

Punch 6 hearts. I used Fiskars Medium Funky Heart Squeeze Punch. Use your circle punch to cut out 6 words or quotes from Vellum. My paper and vellum quotes are from Quick Quotes.

Adhere the hearts to the bottle caps using Glue Dots® Adhesives Minis. For the vellum words I added KaiserCraft pearls. Although the pearls are sticky, I like to add my new Glue Dots® Adhesives Macro dots for a secure hold.

Once you have the Pearls on the vellum adhere the vellum to the base circles using another Macro underneath the vellum where the pearl is located. The vellum and pearls will stay in place very well. Macros are small but strong!

Arrange your bottle caps where you want them. Adhere the bottle cap to the frame using Glue Dots® Adhesives Craft.

Punch a hole in the top to run your ribbon through to make your hanger.

You can make this frame for any occasion with your chosen theme.

Happy Glue Dot Day!! 

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Adhesives

Gratitude List
1.  several fun days of total crafting
2.  patience of my husband
3.  friends who support me and my family
4.  God makes a way even when I try to do it myself
5.  learning to trust God even when it's not fun


  1. That is so beautiful! I love Glue Dots, they're so easy to work with.

  2. such an amazing project!!!

  3. I love this! This is super cool!

  4. very cool project!! love the soda caps and glue dots are my choice adhesive for this type of project!!! :)

  5. Interesting project... I can see some inspiration happening here!

  6. This is a fun project! Thanks for sharing Donna #4454

  7. Very very cute. There's nothing like Glue dots, eh? Enjoyed this project.

  8. Love glue dots and this project! Love the use of the bottle caps! That is too cute! ...hmmm now I have a use for those Superbowl bottlecaps! (just joking)

  9. Super project, thanks for sharing!

  10. this came out amazing! thanks so much for sharing!

  11. wanted to tell you...i got the funky love punch finally...i wanted to give this one a try! Thankyou for the instructions!off to find some bottlecaps now!


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