Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Each time I attend the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show I take of photos of beautiful and trendy layouts.  To date I've never really done anything with the photos.  Often they end up being deleted.  Somehow a photo of one layout from CHA Summer 2010 survived.  I've wanted to give it a shot since I've saw it.  Well, I did and love it!  It will be up there with my favorite.

Note:  I did not find a name on the original layout, but thank you.  If you are a reader of D's Paper Studio please leave a comment and I'll certainly give credit. 

The Story
Little Honey, my granddaughter, went to the pumpkin patch last Friday with her friends.  This is my favorite photo of the bunch.  The hat is very special.  Halloween 2008 my Fiska-friend Pam crochet this witch's hat for me.  I wanted to fix it this year for LH.  To make it fit I just turned up one edge, added an accent made with flowers from Petaloo, Bo Bunny, and Prima.  TaDa! 

This is her first Pumpkin Patch, Halloween hat, her first little girl's tights, and (you can't see) her first patent leather shoes. I love firsts!

The Layout
What I Learned
  • to machine stitch better.  By following the original layout I was able to get the narrow but wavy look I love.  
  • the importance of patience and measure more than once to get it right.  I spent most of my time on measuring everything.
  • placement.  Before I sewed my frame I wanted to place my buttons down in the order they would be placed.  It was so worth the time.  I think that's planning before doing...not my strong suit. 
  • the fun is in the details.  I hand sewed all the buttons on the paper.  I was just going to give them a stitch then glue dot them down.  I knew it would not look as neat.  Glad I spent the time doing it "right."
  • I knew the title would be a bit long, but can you beat it?!  "cutest Pumpkin in the Patch"  By combining the fonts from small with Jenni Bowlin to the larger Pink Paisley it turned out great with the emphasis on the title of the event "Pumpkin Patch." 
  • The paper is Glitz Design and Bo Bunny.  The Glitz was given to me about four or five years ago.  I still have two sheets in my stash.

This will really be my favorite layout not only for the design but for the photo and the cutey in the photo!

Correction from last Wednesday:  Yes, Stephanie the paper is from Glitz Design.  See with age goes the mind!  LOL  Thanks

Bloggers, do you have any tips for photographing layouts?  Somehow I never get it quiet straight and now that the days are colder and shorter how do I photography indoors?

Stock up on your hot chocolate, wassail, peppermint tea, or your favorite beverage.  12 Days of Home for the Holidays is certainly going to be warm and inviting as you read 12 crafters holiday traditions, December 1-12.  FYI:  my favorite beverage for the holidays is Creme Burlee Coffee from Starbucks. 

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  a fresh new week to start again
2.  a really crafty weekend
3.  spending time with Jay on his Fall Break
4.  Jacob's smile
5.  God sheer goodness and mercy to me


  1. Love the Lo and the sewed frame with the buttons~I'm gonna have to do that~adorable. The question on getting your project straight~I edit in Picasa and they have a button that brings up a grid to make sure your project is straight. Works everytime. Wonderful post Debby!!!!

  2. That photo is so sweet! Love that you sewed the butons on.

  3. Oooo, what a cutie! LOVE the stitched frame :)

    To strighten, I use PhotoShop's image file and click rotate. You can either use straighten (automatically does it for you) or custom (you control).

    As for lighting, I rarely use flash - washes it out. I have a hall table that is near a HUGE window. Or use a chair covered with a white sheet/table cloth by a window will do the trick. Play around and see what works for you. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I LOVE this layout, the buttons are so cute with the stitching. Becky x

  5. Sweet layout and definitely lots of fun details! :)

    When I photograph layouts I do have to use the straighten feature on my editing software a bit. Even if it looks straight when I take a photo, it is usually a little crooked.
    I just find a spot with lots of natural light and use a piece of white foam board to place my layout on. That seems to help!

  6. I love the stitching and buttons! Such a cute picture and layout!

  7. You have great commenters...I learned a lot on how to straighten from reading your comments on here! Love the layout and the stitching...I need to get out my sewing machine!


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