The SC State Fair...a Two Pager

Friday was my 34th Wedding Anniversary.  34 years with the same wonderful man.  We've had laughter, great hills to climb up, and sheer joy.

Saturday Jim took me to the South Carolina State Fair.  We had not been the last few years.  I did go with friends for lunch with friends so I saw what was going on.

We explored the Art and Agriculture building.  We love seeing all the vegetables.  Jim and I have always loved fresh from the garden veggies.  We watched Mule sports and nearly died laughing.  The dog show was so much fun.  Adam and Vanessa are now trying to teach Lilly to jump for the Frisbee.  We always love the Hand-Craft exhibit.  The wonderful quilts, tatan, woodwork, cakes, etc. were all incredible.  Of course I love looking at the Scrapbook pages.  We played my favorite game:  the water gun race.  Lastly, we ate.  I really didn't eat anything weird for Fair food.  My husband had his traditional donuts.  My son did eat Deep Fried Snickers.  To me this is a call to have an ambulance standing by for those who have a heart attack eating this stuff.  LOL.

I didn't take my camera, but I have photos from a past State Fair that Jim and I attended. 

The Story
Really the story carried itself with the exception of pictures of Jim on the cell phone.  I took the photos to proved to him he spent an awful lot of time on the phone. 

The Layout
What I Learned
  • I'm still not great at two page layouts.
  • Do not experiment on the only two sheets of paper (of this design) that you have. I used my Distress Stains to add a little design.  As I messed up I kept working to fix it.  Until this was the end results.  Yuck.  Next time try it out first.
  • I love using multiple photos and this is a great placement I picked up in my blog hopping.  
  • I used original photos.  I'm learning to love doing that, but I've got to be more careful.  The photo of me and Jim was accidentally cut.  Yikes.  I didn't want to lose it so I put it back together.  Now I have a story in a story.
  • Fashion always come back around.  Most of the paper is older and I loved using it.

I hope you make it to your State Fair/Festival.  Jim and I had a wonderful Anniversary time together! 

Have a Crafty Day! 

Gratitude List
1.  my incredible husband
2.  my life path that God has chosen for me and has walked me with the whole way 
3.  Time with Jay this weekend
4.  abstaining from fatty fair food
5.  holding hands


  1. Hi Debby~love the LO!!! I love to go to fairs (need one to go to ha,ha) Love the longer locks!!!

  2. Great doublepager. I need to get my butt on over to our state fair, so I can get some great pis!

  3. FUN title! LOL!! You do create GREAT two-pagers! What I love is that fact that you used your stash (old or new, the paper works) and there are a multiple of pictures on here! GREAT JOB!!

  4. This really looks like fun! Now I want to go to the state fair. I like your two page design and don't think you are terrible at it at all. The only thing I might consider changing is to place the photos right on the middle edge to tie the two pages more 'tightly' together. But with or without that it is a wondeful page. And it really does inspire me. I find two pagers to be really tough also.

  5. And I really want to see mule sports now! Congrats on 34 years. That is the most awesome accomplishment of all!

  6. Congrats! We just had our 42nd, and each one grows more precious. Your two pages are great. If you made mistakes, you covered them well!


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