What Do You Do With All Those Wallet Photos?

I have purchased way too many photo packages of my four children through the years.  When the children were babies the sales people had me.  I wanted every shot in every size.  I have been going back through our professional photos only to find way too many photos of the kids.  

I recently saw a layout on Facebook (which I bookmarked and lost) with a wonderful photo arrangement that I loved using what looked like wallet photos.  I pulled out the box of professional photos and dug until I had enough photos of Adam, child number three, to create a layout using the photo placements.

The Story
There are too many stories in this layout.  In columns: the second column from the right is two photos of Adam when we lived in Tennessee.  I was a student and a friend would keep Adam supplied with some of the sportiest clothes.  He knew how to "work it" with the photos!  In the second column from the left, top photo is Adam first Christmas.  The first column from the left is Adam dedication (like infant baptism, but not) photo.  There are so many memories tied up with this one layout.

The Layout
 What I Learned 
  • I'm still skid-dish about using original photos, but one purpose was to get the photos out of the box and onto the page.
  • The song by Roger Miller and later Glenn Campbell, "Old Toy Trains," reminded me so much of my husband's love of trains and took pride in "helping" the kids play with them.  When I hear the song it makes me look back at their childhood.  I could not resist using Graphic 45's Playtime Past and adding the song to the journaling.
  • I'm running out of a, e, o letters.  I decided to mix it up and have every word out of a different font.  Not bad.
  • I'm glad I've kept my G45 scraps.  The balls, Engine block, and checkered paper were left over pieces from another layout.  If you collect your scraps, don't let anyone tell you not to.  After a few years you might want to think about it.
  • I'm very happy about the way the photo arrangement turned out.
Orange Blog Hop 
Wow!  I learned quite a few new techniques I hope to use and share them with you.  34 different blogs in one weekend.  I'm very thankful for all the Fiskateers that participated in the Orange Blog Hop.  I appreciate all of you that hop along each of the blogs.  You made our weekend with your comments and encouragement.

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Blogger Laney said...

Beautiful tags Debbie. I am a new follower and my favorite orange tool is my trimmer. Without it I would be making crazy cuts.
Congratulations!  Send your mailing address to dspaperstudio@aol.com.  Thanks everyone. 

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List 
1.  loads of rest, scrapbooking, and house cleaning this weekend
2.  time with Jim
3.  cool days
4.  getting ready for the holidays
5.  God's goodness even when things are rough


  1. I have boxes of those portrait packages myself. I love this layout and plan on scraplifting to put mine in albums, too. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. You did a great job using all of those photos. They are adorable.

  3. That is a great idea, Debby! :)
    I used a little matchbook mini-album to scrap photos of my son. But didn't fit that many!

  4. i love wallet photos;... i even have a pogo printer b/c ik get so many of them and it's cheaper than printing out the four instead of the one you need! i love to scrap them

  5. I love it. I too have tons of those pix and they're like rabbits - they keep on breeding. Great page!

  6. lovely photos and the layout just fab.
    thanks for sharing and glad to have hop.


  7. yay for learning new things! Yay for your cute layout and YAY for using up what had been stuck in a box!

  8. Love all the photos you were able to get on that layout. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous blog hop...I had SO much fun!!!

  9. Very nice Debby. I too have too many of these little pix. Great idea. TFS

  10. You don't have to be a mom to have a ton of wallet photos! Thanks for the ideas.


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