Thankful for Mail!

I made it through October, the first month, of 52 Weeks of Mail.  You wouldn't think sending someone a piece of mail would not be that hard.  Just making a card is hard.  Then to find a stamp or buy one.  Oh, yeah my mailbox is a 5 minute walk from my house.  LOL  Have I listed enough excuses?

Last week I sent one to a friend and her family.  Actually she was one of my students when I taught at the University (CIU).  Her and her whole family are incredible and inspiring people.  My best memory of Julie is that she was not a morning person!  It was good to hear back that the kids really loved the Halloween card.  Makes my day.

Since I'm on a Congratulations spin this week I made a card for my niece who is making me a Great Aunt.   

The Story
I don't do cards...I don't do cards...I don't do cards.  Really, this is what it feels like to sit down and try to make a card.  I use to be the same way with stamping.  Mmmmm, can I say I'm a bit obsessed with stamps now?  Hopefully, I'll get through this and cards will become a great joy to make.  I do like the finished product. 

The Card
The idea for my card came from one of the Micheal's Arts and Crafts project sheets.  their card was very shabby chic or a Tim Holtz style.  Mine, not so much.
What I Learned
  • I need more "word" stamps.  I found having to use an alternative word to Congratulations challenging and "magical" was perfect. 
  • I can't make anything without applying ink!
  • when you are new to card making then make sure you have enough paper to experiment and mess up. This should have been simple scraps, but I went through a whole sheet of the just the base getting it cut right!
  • Don't put your needles in a safe place so you will remember where they are.  It will never happen!

Congratulations to Megan and Edgar!  God has given you a great gift in each other and in this new one coming. 

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  quiet moments in a busy day
2.  safety
3.  the hard places of life and the glory that is due God for what He makes from them
4. ears that hear and a heart that listens
5.  eyes that sparkle and a smile that could stop my world


  1. I think you can call yourself a card maker~very nicely done!!!

  2. Cute card - love the tag!!!

  3. very nice card:)

  4. Oh, I feel you!!! I started making cards this week and I, too, had troubles with EVERYTHING, starting with the card base!

    But then, it's worth the trouble! Love your card!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Looks great! I have found that I need more word stamps too! I never seem to think about that when getting a new stamp set but I really don't have very many words or sentiments.

  6. I am soooo with you on this. Cards are just hard for me. But I LOVE what you came up with. Great work girl. I have actually been meaning to do this too, send people a card weekly. Um....hasn't happened.

  7. Love your card! And I am with you on needing more word stamps. It seems like I have a lot until I go to make something and I never have the one word I need..... Have a good weekend!

  8. For not being a card maker, you're doing a great job! Keep at does get easier.


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