I Went to an Antique Mall and I Found....

I went to a new Antique Mall yesterday and had a blast.  Nearly everything was reasonably or "Oh, my goodness" VERY reasonable priced.  I've been trying to take lessons from my friend Connie Mercer with Crafty Goodies about junkin'.  She has such a great eye for good buys and her creativity with her finds are off the chart.  Check out her "10 Things" this month see some of the things she used to create pieces of paper art.

Here are my finds...

I found these three Honor Roll Pins made by the Whitehead & Hoag, Co.  What a great embellishment for my Graphic 45 An ABC Primer collection.  $1.00

One collapsible ruler, vintage...great idea from Connie for display.  $5.00

1985 Calender.  The circle photo actually changes when you guide the ribbon tab.  I'm going to make this a one year mini-album of Little Honey.  I can't wait to get started on this one. (valued from $10 to $18.95)   $3.00

This is from the Henry Ford Museum, 1989.  There are 24 cards.  You pull them apart and are the size of postcards.  I'm going to have a blast with this find. (valued from $2 to $59.58) $2.00

Johnson's Baby Powder Tin.  It still has baby powder in the tin!  It says the active ingredients are Talc and Boric Acid.  Yikes!  LOL  The label is printed directly on the tin.  If I'm careful not to damage the original, I'm going to alter this with Graphic 45's Little Darlings.  (valued at $27.00 and up)  $7.00

My Favorite Find and Mother's Day Gift from my husband!

I've been wanting a manual typewriter for the longest.  When I found this one for a lot less than I expected to pay for one in such great shape I looked to husband with longing in my eyes..."please."  Without question he knew how much I've been wanting one and said yes. 

My research on the internet basically led me to believe it is a Royal KHM with a twist.  Around 1934.  I saw "similar" machines going for $1,200.00 to $1,600.00.  This one is a bit more rare because of the middle section of keys toward the top of the keyboard.  Then again another appraiser via internet said they would not pay above $120.00 for this style /year.  Value is in the eye and heart of the beholder.  LOL approx. $70.00

Overall, I don't think I did such a bad job.  Now to spend the next few weeks playing with all of it. 

April's Challenge
Making Memories is our generous sponsor this month for our D's Paper Studio Challenge.  I'm working on a fun project that involved a piece....but not jewelry...from their Vintage Groove III.  I also conquered another tool while working with this project.  So the tutorial I've been wanting to do is going to be done this weekend.  I am being cryptic.  If you want to know more and participate in the April Challenge go to this POST for details and a picture of the generous prize pack.

 Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  Tabitha for coming home early yesterday
2.  a husband that understands and helps to make little dreams come true
3.  a clean kitchen when I came in yesterday
4.  Little Honey's great behavior in the antique mall
5.  God's gift of friends that you know they will always be there


  1. Great finds, Debby! Connie will be proud. :) I can't believe that 1985-89 is now considered vintage. LOL! Now I feel old. :)

  2. Awsome finds~the typewriter is a steal. you can even use it to display your LO's or Photographs by standing them between the keys. Not only can you use it for journaling but also as a display piece~ the powder can is fabulous. I have never seen one~I would have a hard time re-purposing it. I need to come junkin' with you. I think different ares have different stuff. I always enjoy your posts but this one was extra sweet!!! Thanks for the shout out!!!

  3. You really scored on your finds!!
    Especially that typewriter :)

  4. What cool finds! Love the pins and trading cards! That typewriter is awesome!

  5. great finds!! I love the type writer!!

  6. Oh wow! These are some awesome finds! Enjoy!

  7. Love the vintage finds!!

  8. Awesome finds! I am so jealous of that typewriter. Very cool! :) Lucky you!

  9. Awesome vintage finds! The typewriter is very cool, I've never seen one with center keys like yours. Enjoy creating with your finds!

  10. Gorgeous vintage finds -- you've got quite the eye! Enjoy your goodies!

  11. what awesome finds!! i agree connie has the best finds and i always love how she uses them!!

    very cool typewriter!!

  12. You have brought back some very sweet memories for me today Debby!

    I have a photo of my eldest daughter (now 34) standing and pecking at the keys of an old Royal typewriter we had back in the latter '70s. I have no idea whatever became of the typewriter, but it did serve me quite well for some years :)

    Love all of your finds and look forward to seeing what becomes of them *wink*

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!

  13. Love the pretty vintage designs!

  14. had to come back and look at the typewriter:)

  15. Wow, Debby! You found some nice pieces but I love that typewriter!! Fun post :0)

  16. Love these finds, esp that typewriter *drool*


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