A "Slice" of Creativity

I have a sweet, creative friend who took the challenge of creating a quilt in a matter of about 2 weeks using Making Memories Slice die cutting machine.  Mary Gibson has made me laugh with all her fun videos of her and her sister.  Her and her husband, Hooter, made a great team making this quilt.  Check out her blog CrazyMaryNSC.  FYI:  you should find the video that shows her scrap space.  Incredible! 

I am going to turn my blog over to Mary and let you see the fun she had making her "Slice" quilt.

Welcome Guest Mary Gibson!

I have wanted to try to learn how to QUILT all my life.  It just always looked too hard for me.  Stacy from Love that Bug created some videos on how to make a baby Quilt so I jumped on it.  This is my second one I’ve made.  Her instructions are so easy to follow.  If you want to try this and have never quilted head on over to YouTube and she will show you how.  She made seven videos. Pull out your Making Memories Slice Elite  and start Quilting.

I used the Making Memories Elite Slice, the little pink one.  I also used the iron-on Slice Fusible Web by Making Memories.  What they have is the best. I ran out so I had to pull out some fusible and wax paper to finish with my cuts worked pretty good.  I had to take the wax paper, Fusible Web, a cloth and iron it.  Two layers of wax paper are too thick.  I used the cuts from Making Memories Applique Basics and the bunnies from Dilly Dally.  I cut mine at 4 inches.

Flowers from Applique Basics and I used the leaves from another flower from Applique Basics.

Used printer paper and water to sew on applique.

 Used the basting spray and an old folder so I would not get the spray everywhere.

 Squaring up
 start sewing where you can continue all the way around.  
Once you get ready to make your quilt go watch Stacy and and you will have a quilt in no time. 
GOOD LUCK it is so much FUN!!!


[article edited with permission] 

Thank you Mary for taking up the challenge and doing such an awesome job!  Thanks to Hooter too.  I would have never got my husband to help.  

Giveaway and Challenge

The clock is ticking and the days go by quickly.  The last day to enter is Monday by midnight.  I'll announce a winner on Wednesday.  This POST has the details, a photo of Making Memories' generous prize, and the Challenge.  Good Luck everyone.

 Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  a great day with Little Honey
2.  a step looking "Ahead" instead of behind
3.  Jay coming home today
4.  God's grace protecting my son while at college
5.  God's provision that Jay can go to school


  1. So many fun things to do with the Slice. Good for you for trying this and making your first quilt!

  2. Yes it is pretty~I love quilts, my MIL makes them also so we have several. Loved the post!!!

  3. beautiful quilt--- I love my slice, I'll have to start giving fabrics a try with it

  4. Hi Debby!
    So nice to see my friend Mary featured here! It's a fabulous project!...Nancy :o)

  5. Hi, Debby!!!
    So nice, but I have a questions, did you use the regular Slice Elite, so this regular machine cut fabrics?

    1. Mary used the Pink Elite Slice. It is very cool how she did it. Check out her blog for more detailed instructions.

  6. Hi Debby!!!
    I have a question, did you use the regular Slice Elite to cut fabrics? Is that possible? Thanks for your attention...

  7. Brilliant Post, Guest, crafting, quilt!


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