A Year of Little Honey...Mini Book from 1985 Antique Photo Calendar

Remember this?
I was so enamored with the art work, the sweet color combos, and the "aged" paper that when I purchased this 1985 calendar I already knew what I was going to make.  I wanted to make a Year of "Little Honey".

Each calendar page has two months.  That made it easier for me.  I did not have to print as many photos.  Each two month section had the choice between two antique pictures.  With the twist of the ribbon the picture would change.  That was cool and left me very little to do to create a special, whimsical, year-in-the-life book.

Here is the finished product.

Cover:  Lace, created by LH's great grandmother; I curled the pink ribbon by spritzing it with water then heating it with my embossing heat tool until it starts curling;

I made tabs for each section with kraft paper, my Fiskars squeeze punch, Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress ink and my typewriter.  

January/February:  I started with the end of the first year.  Since LH's birthday is in March I had to begin the year with her month 11/12.  I typed my journaling with the my new-to-me vintage typewriter.  Cool, huh!

March/April  The Vintage Art work included with the photos are by FREE Vintage Clip Art.


 August/September:  the frame is from Making Memories.  I love these designs.


I added a sheet of vellum between each page to (1). save my photos from damage, and (2) to continue that old fashion, vintage motif of old photo albums. 

The largest part of the project was finding photos that I positive about the dates.  I decided to use my phone photos.  Each was date stamped so that worked out great.

Warning:  don't try to take photos at 3 in the morning.....

It's been a wild week around my house.  My son is getting ready to come back from college, my other son and his wife are renovating my guest room, turning it into a nursery, Little Honey is cutting a bunch of teeth at once, and I have been a little ill.  I'm in the middle of chaos but it's all good!

Don't forget to enter the April Challenge with a great prize from Making Memories.  Check out my post about the April Challenge HERE.  Good luck. 

Have a Crafty Day

Gratitude List
1.  wonderfully cool days
2.  a nice dinner with hubby
3.  safety for my family
4.  the grands and all they bring to my life
5.  to God be the Glory for the great and small things he has given me


  1. I love this album! Great job repurposing an old calendar!

  2. awesome, awesome and more awesome!!! love it so much!! what a great piece!!!

  3. I love love love loveeeeeeeeeee what you did with that calendar!!! Sooooooooooo gorgeous!! And lots going on at your place... hope you feel better soon!

  4. Awesome! Love to see re-purposing in action. Feel better!

  5. you've totally blown me away with the repurposing of the calendar, debby. wow!

  6. First, I keep meaning to tell you how much I love "Little Honey" that name is just adorable as she is. Secondly, how creative to do this to an old calender, and the antique look you managed to work it perfectly! So great, thanks so much for sharing.

  7. wow. that's awesome..i loved the calendar right out of the gate and then you took up a few levels which made it total gorgeousness. wow!!!

  8. Great little mini album! love it.

  9. You did a great job with this!!

  10. So sweet! I love this!

  11. aww it's lovely! I really love the rotating thing the calendar has. What a good find, and you did a marvelous job with it.


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