Odds for the End of the Month

Or rather just some odds and ends today.  I've been "swamped" with personal family fun and I've be asked to be Featured Artist for......  Not telling yet.  So I've been so busy I haven't blogged as much this week.  I thought I would share some of what I call "my friendly competition that I'll never win, with Connie Mercer, the junkin' queen."  LOL 

Here is something I picked up while I was in Florida a few weeks ago.  A type tray.  I've been in love with this since I first saw Ali Edwards play with them.  Around here they are too expensive.  I found this one in Florida for $25.00 and I talked the owner down to $18.00.  To me it was a steal.  I haven't totally decided how I want to use it.  What do you think?

I have fallen in love with birdhouses lately.  I went to a flea market and found this beautiful piece.  Okay, was $4.00 too much?  I so don't think so.  Fix the door and do some alterations and I will be in birdhouse heaven.

I only paid .50 cents each for these antique muffin tins.  Right now I have them on my studio table putting odds and ends in them as I'm crafting.  I love my Prima tiles.

I love these vintage bottle caps.  I had been looking for bottles with the caps still with them but here they are hard to find and the milk bottles go for an outrages amount of money.  A sweet, sweet friend sent me these bottle caps so I went and puchased one milk bottle and added one of my "new" caps.  I love it.  Now I need to buy enough bottles to fit all my caps.  Thanks sweet friend.

I think I will go back to the flea market this Saturday morning early before the heat gets bad.  We are suppose to experience 100 plus degrees over the next few days. 
Did you see Craft Wars on TV?  One of my favorite crafters, Christy Tomlinson was on and she rocked the house.  Christy is the creator of "She Art" and has a line of stamps with Unity Stamps that I totally love.  I know there are several craft friends and favs that will be on upcoming shows.  aka. Angela Daniels, Lisa Fulmer, Margot Potter,etc.  It was a mad house of fun Tweeting during the show.  Here is a cool list to follow during the show:  Twitter Craft Wars via Sudie Alexander's List.  I hope to see you Tweeting on Tuesday!

How about a Freebie from Martha Stewart and Snapfish?  Check out this mobile app, Craft Studio, from Martha Stewart.  It is really fun and cool.  It's only free until July 8th. 

Jenni Bowlin Studio's and D's Paper Studio giveaway ends Sunday at midnight.  Leave a comment and you will be in the drawing for a $20.00 gift box from Jenni Bowlin Studios.  Cool, huh?  It's been a crazy month and thanks to everyone for all the comments.

Have a Crafty Weekend!

Gratitude List
1.  good hearted kids
2.  God's grace of love, dependablity, caring in a way that goes beyond what I want and see what I need and must become
3.  sweet play date friends for my Little Honey
4.  God's continue protection over LH and Mimi as we adventure into the world of Toddler-hood
5.  Little Sprout, and EC


  1. *new follower!*
    I am loving the type trays!! And the muffin tins!! Wonderful finds! :)

  2. Those are some amazing finds!!! :)

  3. awesome finds~the type tray to get it at that price makes you the queen of junkin'!!!! Isn't it fun:):):)

  4. AWESOME!! I can't wait to see what you do with the type tray, I have one and I am afraid to do anything with it. LOVE the birdhouse too.

  5. What great bargains - I love the type tray, in fact all the things you got.
    I really appreciate your gratitude list each entry - thank you for helping me to remember what is important.

  6. LOVE the type tray!! That was s teal. And how you could not get that birdhouse. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Love the bottle caps! So cool!! Guess I need to find some flea markets!! I loved Christy on Craftwars. Her house looked just like one of her canvases!

  7. Great find with those type trays. Love those vintage muffin tins and what fun to have some milk bottle caps. We bought an old house on some property and found a couple of those milk caps in it when we were removing some old cupboards. I put them in my craft room to use on a fun project sometime. LOVE your birdhouse and what a GREAT price. I am wanting one of those to hang in my craft room from the ceiling. Take care and thanks for sharing your good finds with us.

  8. What wonderful finds! Those type trays are to die for! I can't wait to see what you do with them! A collage-type hanging with all sorts of goodies and pictures? And $4.00 was not too much for that birdhouse! So cute! It will be so much more valuable when you finish working your magic with it!

  9. I'm so jealous of that type tray, and of you being able to watch craft wars, I really want to see it but we don't get it in the uk! x


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