Welcome June | May Challenge Winner

Thanks to those who posted links and sent emails for D's Paper Studio May Challenge.  I still have one more Bo Bunny project I want to share with you but I'm still not quite finished...it is an awesome project that started as an idea about 3 weeks ago and I have one "page" to finish and little touch here and there...and then I'll post it right here.  Want a small peek? 

Actually, the clue is even smaller than the butterfly.  LOL  If you are a Fiskateer you might already know so SHHHHH!  LOL

Thank you Bo Bunny for making this a fun month full of mini-books, bright layouts with old photos, sophisticated designs used for a sports theme photos.  Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway here at D's Paper Studio.  The winner is

I made this mini a few weeks ago for my granddaughter~can't wait to see what she wants to put in it!! Thanks D!!!!

Congrats Connie!  I'll get in touch with Bo Bunny and they'll get the wonderful Alora Collection out to you.

Monday starts a whole new challenge...easiest to date...with an awesome sponsore.  If you want to know ahead of time who the sponsor is check back over the weekend and you will see the sponsor box, top, right-hand side of the blog, change.  Thank you everyone and ...

Have a Crafty Weekend!

Gratitude List
1.  a day with friends
2.  a forgiving hubby
3.  Jacob's hard work
4.  God's patience with me
5.  a hope of a new day


  1. Love the June Sponsor!! Love your sneak!

  2. hi Debby~
    I recieved the paper pack and love it!!!! Thanks to you and Bo bunny for an awesome , colorful paper set!!!!


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