Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thanks X-ACTO for your great promotion of the Z-Series craft knife.  The two winners each winning a $25.00 gift card from Walmart are:
Homespun Hurricane and
Congratulations Crafters!  Send your snail mail information to and I'll see that X-ACTO gets it right away.  Make sure to visit their Facebook Page for a Big Thanks!

Don't forget that ArtBin is giving away a Cartridge Storage Container this month right here.  I'd love for you to visit their Facebook page and give them a big LIKE.  Leave a comment about your favorite way to storage your stash to be entered in the drawing at the end of the month here on D's Paper Studio. 

Let me share a bit more craftiness from the baby shower this past Saturday.  My favorite thing to do these days for baby showers is a Diaper Cake.  They are so much fun and make a great gift.  Since this was for my daughter-in-law it became a gift on top of a gift as I loaded it with so many fun baby items. 

Ingredients:  loads of diapers!; white and silver deco mesh, light pink and chocolate dot ribbon; buttons; Graphic 45 Little Darlings chipboard tags; Becky Higgins "love" artwork and font; lots of baby fun things.

To prove I'm a total nut case I decided to make cake pops for the shower.  I am so not a crafty cook.  These actually turned out good.  Several things I learned:
1.  do not add too much frosting!  These things turned out totally rich.
2.  make sure you have a way to store them back and forth to the freezer or refrigerator.
3.  always have a tester around to eat the mistakes so it looks like you know what you are doing.

I don't have a better photo of the place card holder but they are actual forks I found at Goodwill, cleaned up, bent the center 2 prongs to the back and the outer 2 towards the front with a bit of a curl on the tip.  These make care place card holders for the food.  You can make all styles.  The instruction for them are all over the internet. 

I had a grand time at the baby shower and I'm at it again making yet another diaper cake, but a totally unusal one that I can't wait to week after the shower.  LOL

Have a Crafty Day!

Eddie White update:  Eddie is beginning physical therapy although he is still quite ill.  My last update said that he had a mild case of pneumonia and a slight fever.  His condition is still very serious. 

Gratitude List
1.  Little Honey kisses
2.  the beautiful rain on our garden
3.  the protection of little Noah
4.  my son-in-law
5.  Ruth, Connie, and Sudie


  1. Looks like you have been super busy being crafty~love what you did here and I bet they did too!!!! The diaper cake is amazing!!!!
    D~I'm thankful you too!! {{hugs}}}

  2. This table and diaper cake are so beautiful! This was an amazing babt shower! Wish I was a there to munch a cake pop - they look delicious. Would love to see the placecard holders. Hoping I am the "Donna" who won.

    1. Yep Donna. I got your email and will be sending it this evening to X-ACTO.

  3. Wow - you outdid yourself!!! I am going to remember these ides for if and when my kids ever have babies!

  4. Love the diaper cake and other creative decor!

  5. Ok, first of all, the diaper cake is amazing, amazing, AMAZING! Love the frame at the top! Second, I think you are holding are a crafty baker! Love the fork place card holders too--you are AMAZING!

  6. Prayers continue for Eddie and his family. Thanks for the little updates. Hugs, Jess

  7. Wow! Looks awesome! You are really talented with many things! :)

  8. WOW you know how to put on an incredible party. Love all your decorations and the food looks yummy!!

  9. i love making diaper cakes! this one is sooo cute!


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