Thank you Jo from Craft Wars! Baby Flower Sandals

I want to jump up and down and scream to let you know I'm still here.  LOL  It's crazy around here with Little Honey's schedule change of going to school and afternoons with Mimi and Little Sprout just being a newborn (mommy, daddy, and LS all live with me and my hubby) is a crazy kind-of good.  Bottom line is that I'm squeezing in craft time here and there.

(Little Sprout is my beautiful foot model) 

My daughter sent me this link ...  I Can Dabble ... and asked if I could make these.  These little sole-less sandals are so cute and very easy.  The instructions on the website need a bit of updating, but other than that this project was fun, fun, fun. 

Ingredients:  Hot Glue Gun; T-Shirt; Felt; Fiskars Razor Scissors; Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die; Spellbinders scalloped circle; Ranger Heat Gun;

What I did Differently
  • I used the Spellbinder scalloped circle to cut out my felt base for the flower and straps instead of a circle.  I like a bit to piazza!
  • I did not use a five petal flower pattern for the flower, I used Tim's Tattered Floral die which is six petals.  I was able to cut four flowers at a time with the t-shirt material.   So the trick here is to fold the flower in half, then in half again.  With a six petal flower that is going to leave this one piece extra not folded evenly into the flower.  I added a dot of hot glue at the base of the flower and folded it onto the rest of the piece.  It adds a layer of depth and what I call "fluffiness!"  I love fluffy flowers. 
  • The instructions call for five flowers folded, but with a six petal flower you will need six flowers for each foot just for the base flower.
  • I used two more flowers together for the center "bud."  I just placed them together offsetting the petals, folded the piece in half and rolled it like the instructions.  I added a drop of hot glue to the base to hold it together until I got it in place. 

Thanks to Jo from Michael's Arts and Crafts and judge on Craft Wars for this tip:  when you are working with hot glue you often get "strings" of glue.  Use a heat gun to melt the little strings of glue.  I didn't worry about those strings I was creating when putting together the flowers.  When I completed the sandals I went over the entire flower front and back with the Ranger Heat Gun and it melted them right away!  Perfect!

(Little Sprout ready for the big game last night.  She watched the opening of the game while sitting on Mimi's lap.  Go Gamecocks!)

Read the comments on the I Can Dabble post for more suggestions.  Also, YouTube has a great deal of crochet patterns for make these types of sandals. 

It took me several hours to type this because of grandbabies this and that!  LOL  So if I'm a little late or slow getting things up right now I hope you will forgive me and not forget D's Paper Studio while I adjust my schedule! 

Have a Crafty Weekend!

Gratitude List
1.  Little Honey and Little Sprout
2.  safety driving
3.  ability to draw personal lines
4.  love of crafting
5.  God's great and awesome creations in this world


  1. Absolutely adorable your model!

  2. love the little shoes!!! so perfect for perfect little feet~miss you!!!!

  3. The shoes are adorable, but those little feet even more so! May God bless you as you make the necessary adjustments in your busy life!

  4. oh my golly those little shoes are simple adorable!!! super job

  5. Adorable little shoes and it sounds like you are a very busy and happy Grandma!!!

  6. Oh my gosh - so cute!


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