Everything I Need To Know About iPad I Learned From An 18 Month Old

Remember Robert Fulghum book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten ?  Well, I've had a few moments over the past week with my granddaughter that made me feel like I'm out of touch with technology.  I can make my way around computers, but this new generation of "smart" technologies is sometimes a bit more than I even want to learn.

When Little Honey was two months old her mom and dad gave me an iPad. 

I added apps that LH would enjoy to read or play learning games.  She also loved Elmo's songs and shows on iPad.  I noticed that she got the concept early about turning an iPad page or the function of the "Home" key.  LH's mom and dad are very techno and she is not far behind.

Last week Papa and LH were playing on the iPad and I looked over and there was a photo of LH that her mom had sent me.  I had not downloaded it onto the iPad...so how did they get it?  Jim said LH hit a button, a search piece came up, they put in LH's name and up popped several of her photos from my email.  LOL  I didn't know the search was even there.

A day or two later LH, Papa, and I were coming home from school and I heard music from the back seat.  I thought LH was reading Cat in the Hat.  I turned around to look and she had accessed my iTunes from the Home page...how I didn't know, but as soon as we got home I got her to teach me how.  LOL

("Okay, now how do I explain this one to Grandma?")

So now I have a new teacher...my 18 month old granddaughter is teaching me how to use my iPad.  By the way she is pretty good at iPhones as well. 

I'm sorry I've been MIA.  Things in my world are busy and crazy.  I'm almost finished with my banner for LH's sister.  I have one page to finish for the Summer book.  And I'm determined to start this weekend with a bunch of holiday crafts...from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I think I'm going to "lock" myself up in my studio and dare anyone to disturb me.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  decent night sleep
2.  laughter with my Jim
3.  a beautiful daughter
4.  sweet, beautiful Ali
5.  God's blessing of Ms. L and Ms. A


  1. Too funny! Even though my DH is super tech savvy, Alexa still teaches him things he didn't know about Apple products. LOL!

  2. yes they are so clever!!! sweet pics!! Miss you friend!!

  3. Oh yes...nothing like technology to show how brilliant kids are!!

  4. Sweet pics, and it's so funny how tech savvy kiddos are now!

  5. It's amazing how little ones find technology so intuitive.

  6. Hilarious! And she's adorable.

  7. Very cute story! I consider myself really good w/ technology but I've been "slipping" lately, that is a true sign I'm getting up in years, LOL!
    Have a good day!

  8. So cute! I know what you mean they understand more than we do lol!

  9. That is so cute. It just seems to be more natural to these young ones.

  10. Precious!! Today's world for sure!

  11. Super cute story and sometimes life just happens and gets in the way of our crafting. Hope you find some time this weekend. Happy crafting!!


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