In Honor of Kids Everywhere!

This post is dedicated to kids everywhere.  I love the fall and winter season.  There are so many crafts that kids from all ages can create.  My granddaughter and I had a wonderful craft day yesterday.  Surprisingly, we did not make too big a mess.  Right mom?

 Little, at 19 months, decked out in her painter's t-shirt ready to craft.

With a little Martha Stewart glitter Little made a "spooky" pumpkin with a bit of white glue and glitter.

 Two hands technique!

Little is too young to use scissors, although she has two pair of Fiskars scissors waiting for her to reach the right age.  Little managed to do the decorating and I did the cutting to make this lantern.  What's funny is that she likes to squish it up and down and call it a spider.  LOL

(Before you freak out, Little is using Caryola's Most Washable cleaned right off the glass table top and her.)

Using Connie Mercer's guide to making a pumpkin, Little made this pumpkin for her living room window. 

Mimi cut the circles and little used glue sticks to glue down the eyes, nose, and mouth.  She also used a glue stick for the glitter.

"Hi, Pumpkin!"

Some of my best memories growing up were centered around crafts at school, Girl Scouts, Mister Roger's Neighborhood, Captain Kangaroo, and my Mom.  Here's to the Kid in all of us!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  strength
2.  comfort in God's love
3.  God's provision and timing
4.  sweet friends
5.  hope


  1. oh my ~you are BRAVE~ glitter!!! I'm impressed!! What a fun time!!!

  2. She's so cute! I'm thinking that crafting runs in the family. :)

  3. what a sweetheart she is and equally beautiful project she created for herself....awesome :)

  4. aw! what a cutie and how much fun you must have had!


  6. What fun memories you are making!

  7. What a super special grandma you are to craft with your grandchildren. My children's grandparents dont do that and neither did mine but I LOVE crafting and will definitely introduce my grandchildren to it if I ever have them. TFS

  8. these are the cutest photos, so sweet! have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*


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