Jack-O'-Lantern Time

Boo!  Did I scare you?  Probably not.  LOL  Happy Halloween everyone.  For me Halloween is a great memory I have of trick or treating when we lived on base growing up a military brat.  Two of my favorite costumes was a clown and a witch.  I don't have a photo of the witch but I do remember the black, shiny, skin tight boots I wore that were very slippery.  Here is my clown outfit my mom made.

When my children were growing up I tried to hold to the traditional pumpkin carving, jack-o'-lantern.  I was never patient enough or talented enough so I lost interest over the years.  This year X-ACTO actually challenged me to carve a pumpkin.  I challenged my son and his wife along with my daughter and her husband to carve one as well. 

Here is mine:

I like this new thing of carving off the outer skin and according to how thick or thin you make the "meat" of the pumpkin you get this wonderful shading.  I used my X-ACTO Z-Series craft knife, Speedball carving tool, and Making Memories paper piercer. 

The secret to making the jack-o'-lantern last awhile:  cut the bottom of the pumpkin...it helps reduce the amount of air going into the inner pumpkin AND I sprayed it each morning with a light spray of Lysol to kill any bacteria.  I carved the pumpkin last Wednesday evening and the outside is still looking sharp.  I noticed that a little bacteria was growing on the inside...where I did not spray...so my jack-o'-lantern is now outside in hopes to make it through tonight.  It sounds weird to spray it with Lysol, but I did a search online and that was one of the most common ways to make it last.

Here is my son and daughter-in-law's jack-o'-lantern:

The two of them sat outside in the dark and carved this.  It was like they were on a mission.  Nessa did a great job on the free-hand name.  I love the jack-o'-lanterns stacked up with the curls on the side.  It was much harder to carve than my jack-o'-lantern.

My daughter's family jack-o'-lantern: 

I love this one.  Little picked out the pumpkin and the design.  This in another incredible jack-o'-lantern because not only was it carved very well but I could see myself getting it nearly complete and then break off one of those tiny curls or eye.  LOL  They did a great job with the cat.

I have a family of talented jack-o'-lantern creators!  It was totally fun.  By the way, I won second place in the 2012 Pumpkin Carving contest by X-ACTO

I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled night of making family memories.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  for the safety of those in the wake of Sandy
2.  Little and Ali
3.  Hannah and Amber
4.  my four children and their families
5.  hugs, kisses, smile, laughter...all gifts from God


  1. Those are beautiful jack-o'-lanterns! Happy Halloween!

  2. How fun!!! love all of them and thanks for the tips {I've carved one pumpkin is my life}
    and woot!! on the second place (feels like first place} though doesn't it!!!!

  3. Great jack o-lanterns! Loving that owl and cat!! Congrats on your news!!

  4. AMAZING!! The entire family is talented!

  5. Awesome jack-o-lanterns, so intricate

  6. I love the owl pumpkin!!! Adorable!
    You have been mentioned in the Sunshine blog hop, for details go to my blog:

  7. Gorgeous pumpkins!

  8. Great pumpkins. Very fun. We didn't have any decorations out this year because of the storm.


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