Project I "Heart" Emma" -- X-ACTO Giveaway

My daughter and I need to stay off Pinterest for a while.  LOL  The ideas and tutorials run ramped there.  Tabitha saw this wonderful curtain of hearts home decor and sent me an email with a link.  "Can you make this for Emma's room?"  Now how can you turn down a grandchild and an awesome project.

Here is the original project:  Honeybee Vintage blog.

Ingredients:  American Crafts cardstock; Spellbinder's heart; thread, sewing machine, wood molding, paint

A note or two we did on our own:  the wood piece is 49 inches long.  That held 11 rows of hearts.  It only took one sheet of card stock per color and I had left over hearts.  The hearts are sewed with about 1 inch in-between each heart.  My hearts are 3.5 x 3.5.  Although the curtain is multicolored I tried to make sure there was a bit more pink. 

Watch out:  make sure when you are sewing your hearts that you have all the pieces face up or face down.  I did mine with the textured side up.

The hardest thing for me about the project was lining up the colors of the hearts.  I did not want any two colors side by side.  I laid it out on the floor in rows and columns first before sewing them.

So what did we do with the banner?  Tabitha moved it to hang over the baby's book shelves. 

Check out X-ACTO's giveaway on Facebook!  It's a pumpkin carving contest. (go to the post that shows the awesome flowered looking carved, mine won't look like that!)   X-ACTO gave me a heads up about yesterday.  You do not have to use your X-ACTO knife.  All you have to do is carve a pumpkin and load the photo to the correct post on Facebook.  Prize?  100 dollar VISA card.  I'll be carving a pumpkin in the next couple of days.  Deadline is October 28th.

Don't forget Friday's Orange Blog Hop.  Fiskars will have prizes to giveaway for those who complete the hop.   You don't have to be a Fiskateer to be eligible.  I am sure you will probably find a Fiskars giveaway right here as well.  Save the Date and I'll see you along the Orange Hop trail.  Here is the starting place on Friday morning...Fiskateers Blog

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  my grandchildren
2.  my husband of 35 years and counting
3.  the opportunity to be a part of my children and grandchildren's lives
4.  God's provision for my life
5.  a craft that brings so many people into my life


  1. Wow! This is so pretty!

  2. This is awesome!!What a great idea! Love Pinterest.

  3. WOW x 2!!! OK...I have stayed away from Pinterest but this makes me want to peek - lol!! Wonderful project :)

  4. Your heart curtain is beautiful!

  5. wow!!! now I know who is Emma is!!! Awesome project just stunning!!! fabulous work D!!!

  6. Absolutely FABULOUS.

  7. This turned out fabulous.
    I agree Pinterest is full of awesome ideas.

  8. Very creative and awsome project.

  9. That is so pretty, Debby! I like it more than the original :)

  10. You do such amazing projects!

  11. LOVEly project!!

  12. What a super cute project. I LOVE hearts. TFS


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