A Tale of a Scrapbooking Santa

I have a fun tale, which every photo should have.  With Little there always seems to be a fun, funny, dramatic, or sweet story around her photos.

It was time for Little's annual Santa photo, but this year there were two different things going on.  One, her sister would be in the photo and two, Little was going through a bit of a shyness stage.  I thought one would take care of two.

Don't think so.

Little took a look at Santa and figured this was just not the photo shoot she wanted to participate in.

We finally got her on Santa's lap with her sister and this is the photo my daughter captured.

This is the best Santa in the world.  He never got upset, ran out of patience, or looked bored.  He was truly wanting to help Little.

While my daughter was taking photos and talking to the offical photographers about Little's photos I had a chance to chat with Santa.

I told Santa of the wonderful photo my daughter got last year of him and Little.  And how truly magical it was. 

Santa began to tell me he loves photos that are not "posed" but rather "in the moment" style photos.  He shared with me that he scrapbooks his photos.  You know bells went off in my head and heart.  "Santa Scrapbooks!" 

My daughter finished and she knelt down with Little and they were talking to Santa.  I had grabbed the camera and was lying on the floor sort-of behind and to the side of Santa. 

Santa told Little he knew she was special and that he wanted to give her a special gift that he only gave to a few children every year.  From Santa's pocket came a large silver bell with a leather ribbon attached to it.   It was a beautiful moment that would make you cry.

The bell hangs on the Christmas tree.  Little and mom went back to give Santa some photos from last year and this year for him to Scrapbook.  She happily waves to Santa when she sees him. 

Doesn't Santa Rock?!

Have a Crafty Holi-day!

Gratitude List
1.  my daughter and her family
2.  wee little Ali
3.  people's patience with me
4.  my friend Ruth and being blessed to have her as my dear friend
5.  God's way of preparing you for the times which hold not clear answers

(All photo are the exclusive property of Tabitha Safdi Photography.  To book your photo shoot check out her website at Tabitha Safdi Photography.) 


  1. Wow - that is one special Santa! I think we have a photo of my daughter trying to flee Santa when she was 3 or so.

  2. Santa is definitely special, not just for the kindness and love in his heart, but come on...the man scrapbooks! :)

  3. aw that is just the sweetest story and how cute are those girls!

  4. What a wonderful man, I wish there were more people in the world like him! Thank you for sharing this touching story, it makes my heart feel good.

  5. what a great story!!! sweet, sweet pic's Debby!!!

  6. What a sweet Santa and story to share.


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