Inspried by a Sweet Friend: Cheryl Waters...One Little Word

Many crafters know Cheryl Waters through Fiskars and Fiskateers, ArtsyFindings, and her long standing art work that appears in Sommerset Memories from Stampington & Company.  I met Cheryl through the Fiskateer "Movement" in it early years.  I was privileged to meet Cheryl and spend a little time at every CHA I attended.  She is an incredibly talented, genuine, crafter and person.    If you can, take a minute and read this post from the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays:  "Tradition of Gratitude."

Cheryl had surgery on Monday in relation to the breast cancer.  I want to tell you watching her via the internet and the emails that went back and forth prior to her surgery that I've never been more inspired about life.

Cheryl, is suppose to go home today to begin her recovery and healing.  Please be in prayer for this most brave of women. (PS .. Thursday morning update:  Cheryl did not go home.  She is having a few problems that they are addressing and can do so better at the hospital...continue to pray.)

Cheryl created a leather, mixed media bracelet for the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays blog event.  You can catch her tutorial HERE:  Pink Warrior.  I thought I would give it a try.

Well, here is number one.  I've never even come close to trying something like this but as you will note my One Little Word for 2013 is EXPERIENCE.  I want to experience life and that means moving outside of my comfort zone from time to time.

I struggled like crazy to get this right.  My problems is that I need to learn about colors combinations.  But working with the leather and lettering was a total blast.

Here is my second attempt:

A fun story:  I looked all over craft stores and finally found the letters I needed to stamp / hammer into the leather.  I found a larger than I wanted set (ART).  I was telling my husband about it when he tells me he has a set out in the garage.  He bought them at a tool store for just pennies of what I paid.  Needless to say they are now in the craft studio.  It seems twisted around when the husband is hiding the crafts from the wife.  hmmm

Not only does my bracelet remind me to "experience" life, it reminds me daily of my dear friend who is a true Pink Warrior. 

Thanks Cheryl.  I feel assured it is okay to pass on some great advice that Cheryl gave me ... "get your mammogram now!"   If you would like to leave Cheryl some words of encouragement head over to her blog ArtsyFindings or her Facebook page.  Remember this warrior in your prayers daily. 

Experience Art!


  1. Debby,

    Cheryl has been in my heart and on my mind constantly! As you and I frequent the same internet sites and social media, I have been happy to see many reminders of the love that everyone can't help but have for such a special person as Cheryl!

    I love that you decided to have a new "experience" and make the bracelet from Cheryl's tutorial. It turned out great.

    (By the way, I was looking at some letter punches and my husband was with me and told me the same thing your husband told you! Men...why do they hide the fun stuff?)

  2. I will keep Cheryl in my prayers and look out her blog too - love your bracelet it is gorgeous.

  3. I just finished an art page in honor of Cheryl. I am hoping that she gets to go home today. Funny story about your husband. That is a great bracelet!

  4. thinking good thoughts for your friend Debby!

  5. SO sad to hear the tough time she's going through. I love your blue bracelet though, it's very inspiring. x

  6. Sweet sweet Debby. How come I didn't see this? This is so sweet, beautiful and touching! I love you friend!


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