Obessed! Mixed Media Post

I am totally obsessed with paint, mediums, mists, etc.  I want to push them to see just what they can do.  I blame this totally on Nathalie Kalbach  and her Creative JumpStart Summit 2013.  There are two instructors that have taught about "transfer" using different mediums:  Claudine Hellmuth and Christine Delgadillo.  I've basicaly had three days to myself and all I can do is work at getting this technique down.  I've failed and succeeded.  It is a blast.

So I never do anything I'm suppose to do, but I have a project in my minds eye that I'm working on creating and hope to finish by the end of the day Monday.  Here is a sneak of what I've been working on ... trail and error.

The background and the picture of Little are all from the transfer technique.  Right now it is still wet.  That's the hold up ... do something/dry/do again/dry, etc.  I'm waiting for a dry then to grab some mist, paint, and no telling what else.  I hope to have the whole project for you tomorrow.  If I can just focus.  So many new ideas they are swarming around my head like buzzing bees.

In the meantime I'd like to share a photo or two from a couple of "blog readers" here at D's Paper Studio.  The first photo is from the winner of the 12 Days of Home for the Holiday event.  Since the manufacture's were the one to send all the goodies I didn't see the enormity of the prize until Debb sent this photo: 

When I saw this I noted that some of the companies sent even more than expected.  Thanks to Sixxiz, Graphic 45, X-ACTO, and May Arts ribbon once again for a great prize and to all of you that participated in the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays.

Another winner sent me a link to her blog where she posted what she made from her winnings from Lisa Swift and Little Yellow Bicycle.  This is just a few photos.  I hope you will go see the rest and leave JoyBear a comment.  Thanks Lisa, Little Yellow Bicycle, and Joy for sharing. 

Have an Artsy Crafty Day!


  1. So Sorry I missed the 12 Days of Home for the Holiday's, looks like they got some great prizes :)

    I LOVE what you did with the transfer. It's something I always want to try but never get the "courage" to jump in and try it!

  2. how awesome is that!! Can't wait to see what you are up to. Would love to catch up with you!!!

  3. I love what you've been doing in this art journey, Debby! What I see looks fantastic so far. :)

  4. wow that is amazing I would never be able to do stuff like that.

  5. Looks like a cool project so far can't wait to see the final project

  6. Love how you are trying each of the techniques!! I want to try this one too! Just gorgeous!!


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