Scrapbook Hoarding plus a Winner!

Okay, first the winner of the 24 count of Faber-Castell Soft Pastels.   Per ...
Greta said...
just signed up to follow your blog. Your page is sooo cute. Love the fade idea for the embossing. Thanks for sharing!
Congratulations Greta.  Send you snail mail address to me at and I'll get that out to you ASAP!  

There are jokes that abound in the scrapbooking community about how much product we have in our scrapbook studio, closet, room, etc.  I will be celebrating my 10th year in modern scrapbooking next month.  As I was looking around at my "stash" I found products I had "hoarded" because it was too cute and wanted to save it until I found the perfect event or photo.  Or product I had purchased so much of because as you know in the scrapbooking industry something new comes out and the older fades into the background.  "I don't want to run out of ________."  You fill in the blank.  Any of this sound familiar?

Well, I am officially out of room in my studio.  It has become so overwhelming that I can not create at times. My goal over the weekend:  Clear it out!

I want to clean and simple look to the studio.  I want to only keep products that I will use within the next 12 months, including some tools.    My studio is a total mess right now, but I'm proud of myself for boxing up quiet a few items up to this point.  I'll probably go back over the room again once I've finished the initial round just to make sure it wasn't for sentimental reason that I kept something. 

A couple of items I found  ... so far ... that I had an overwhelming amount of are:
brads (probably close to a 1,000 plus)
Magic Mesh (LOL)
metal embellishments
things I wanted to recycle
an so much more!

In the cleaning of the studio I did put together two items I could not figure out how to store.  I have this roll of thread my mom sent me and I've start using Washi tape.  So what better way to display both and limit myself to how much Washi tape I can store on the roll.

Despite the saying "the one who dies with the most scrapbooking products wins" I don't want to win this one.  I say "The one that dies with the most scrapbook pages complete, leave a legacy of memories!"

Have a Crafty Artsy Day!


  1. Such a great way to store (and display) your washi, Debby!

  2. Great idea on storing the washi!

  3. Great idea for the washi tape~love those big spools!!! I have cleaned out too!!! My closet has so much room ~love that!!!!

  4. I think I have stuff from when I started scrapping 13 years ago loo, love the washi tape storage :)

  5. Good for you! I've been at it for 20 years (I don't have any creative memories stuff any more at least :)....and I have a lot I could get rid of....but just when I think I can part with something, I will see a project that I love where they've used that item.....

  6. I love your legacy statement! I would probably enjoy a pared down scrap area. Most of my excess is recyclable containers, and they take up a lot of room. I think I'm ready to freecycle again! :o)

  7. I am pretty sure I have way too much but I do try to use it all. Love your washi display!

  8. Love your idea of the most pages done wins because I am really putting myself on a crafting budget and so ar this year I have stuck with it and I am proud of it!! I am trying to just USE the beautiful thing instead of keep them hidden in drawers!!!


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